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Support Action for Erdal Gökoğlu on Hunger Strike in Belgium

Protest in Front of Prison for Erdal Gökoğlu in BelgiumErdal Gökoğlu, who was extradited from Germany to Belgium, has been on hunger strike since February 3, when he was brought to Belgium.< p>Since February 3, it has been resisting the arrogance of imperialism. They are arrogantly imposing a Uniform Dress (TTE) by saying "that's the law here". Erdal Gökoğlu, who is from the tradition of a free prisoner who died but never wore a TTE, answers of course immediately:If you have laws, we have laws: WE DON'T WEAR A Uniform Dress, WE WILL NOT WEAR !Erdal has been on a...

Council of Resistances: Let’s Unite the Resistances, Organize Solidarity Brochure is Published

Let's Unite Resistances,Let's Organize SolidarityThe Council of Resistances is fourThe voice of those who have been demanding justice, those who have sought justice, those who resisted for years It became . Council of Resistancesthose who have been wronged, those who resist against unlawfulness, combined the discards.In our assembly:-After being persecuted by the Decreewho were fired overnight without question and whose job, bread, honor There are public workers resisting .There are Yüksel Resistanceists, Captive workers Nuriye Gülmen, Mehmet Dersulu, Alev Şahin, Sibel Balaç.-Union activityThere are workers who have been fired for their conduct, but whose unions do not protect them. With...

Yuksel Resistance 1685.Day Noon Statement

Merve Demirel:Ekimcan Polat has been on hunger strike for 15 days. He is on a hunger strike so that the tortures inflicted on him in the prison will end. There is a risk of having a heart attack. Those who call the murderer of Deniz Poyraz "my brother" are torturing those who demand justice in this country. We say it once again;Your weapons, your courts, your prisons are void for us.

Public School 93rd Issue Is Out

Free Prisoners; Since July 10, 2016, It has been constantly resisting against fascism! The Resistance, which has lasted for 61 months and 20 seasons and is growing with each passing day, is in its 6th year!REQUESTS OF THE CONTINUOUS RESISTANCE AGAINST CONTINUOUS Fascism:Let the Right to Chat be Implemented!hBook -The Right to Broadcast Cannot Be Restricted or Blocked! hThe Prisoners' Right to Treatment Should Not Be Denied! hFreedom for Sick Prisoners!hNo More Deportations! < /p>School93. Click to Download the Issue...Click to Reach All Issues of the Public School...Owner and Responsible Editor: İrfan YILMAZAddress: Hobyar Mah. Cemal Nadir Sok. Büyük Milas...