The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Walking Magazine Issue 131 Text Voiceovers Are On Air

131. th anniversary of our march against imperialism and oligarchy.We share the text voiceovers of the issue.You can download the PDF of our journal from our pageYou can download, read.The 131st issue of our journal, dated August 11, 2019, is SESLITo listen, share or download your articles in bulk or separatelyCLICK. div>Listening to the voice-overs of all issues of our magazine,To download, share, visit our RegardsWalking Magazine Workers

Yuksel Resistance Day 1563 Noon Statement

Merve DemirelWe have been resisting for 1563 days. They broke our eye bone so that we would not resist here. They tortured and arrested. They tortured not only us, but also Boğaziçi University students, villagers and miners. They are attacking the people, the people who want justice, with their police, gendarmes and rental courts so that we don't resist. We are not afraid. We want justice. Long Live Resistance, Long Live Victory, We know the days are near. We will continue to fight.

Edibe Ana Justice Resistance Day 459

in the Samandağ district of HatayJustice for Edibe Özçelik, who was deliberately murdered in a police operationThe resistance continues for 459 days in the 66th week.Edibe Özçelik and all our peopleWe will continue to grow the struggle for justice to demand justice.We Publish the Message of Resistance:“To the legal tyranny of fascismLet's not bow, let's organize the resistance of the people for JUSTICE”

Statement from Germany Dev-Genç on Deniz Poyraz

Deniz Poyraz, who was working in HDP İzmir Provincial Building, was brutally shot in the back by fascist killers on 17 June. We express our condolences to his family, friends and HDP supporters.There is a police tent in front of the HDP building and it keeps watch for 24 hours.HDP supporters have repeatedly reported to the police that there are fascists wandering around, and they have filed a criminal complaint. The murderer who enters the HDP building enters with a bag full of guns in his hand, commits a massacre, stays inside for 50 minutes, but the “Police that don't...

Action was held in front of the Greek Consulate in England

England Popular Front Action Held in Front of the Greek Embassy for the Release of 11 Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece made a protest for his release Speeches were made for 11 revolutionaries held captive in Greece in the 1-hour protest, and the people who came to the police station were told that the fascist Greek state and 11 Turkish revolutionaries were held in Greece unjustly and unlawfully by conspiracies There was great interest in the rights that passed in front of the Embassy Making Revolution is Not “Terrorism”