The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Walking Magazine 130 Issue Voiceovers Are On Air

The 130th issue of our Journal of March Against Imperialism and OligarchyWe share text voiceovers.You can download the PDF of our journal from our page,you can read.The 130th issue of our journal, dated August 4, 2019, is SESLİ.or CLICK to listen, share or download separately. Listening to the voice-overs of all issues of our magazine,To download, share, visit our Kind RegardsWalking Magazine Workers

A Call from the European Syriac People’s Front

Anti-Imperialist Front (AEC) invites all anti-imperialists, progressives and revolutionaries to the symposium held in Paris on April 2-5, 2021. European Syriac People's Front published a video about it:…European Syriac People's Front

Third Traditional “International Sommer Fest” Held in Bielefeld, Germany

September 15thSunday; German friendly organization MLPD, Bielefeld people's assembly initiative and BielefeldFolk Stage is the traditional festival of the summer this year.Made the third. The purpose of the festival is the anti-fascist and anti-to bring together the imperialist friendly forces. So all friends throughout the yearCalls are being made to the powers that be to take part in the event. Topics this yearexploitative and subversive behavior of imperialism on the environment,developing and triggering racism, Hunger strike Grup Yorumrequests of its members; Freedom for the people's lawyers and many issues in this contextmentioned. Anatolian dishes and traditional cake of the German...

Hearing of Alev Şahin and Mehmet Dersulu Begins

Alev Şahin and Mehmet DersuluThey want their jobs back with the accusation of "taking intense action"He has been in custody for 10 months and his hearings are held at the Ankara 28th High Criminal Court today.started.. The court has begun. Prosecutor;For Alev Şahin, Nazan Bozkurt, Mehmet Dersulu, Acun Karadağ and Selvi Polatdemanded punishment for membership in the organization. Mehmet Dersulu has been releaseddefending against:Prosecutor, detentionIn our reasoning, he says "there is a suspicion of escaping" and also "when you get out againHe will take action every day.” Will I run away or not but protest in the street?I will do?...