The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Walking Magazine Distributed in Çayan District

On 19 August 2019, Halk Cepheliler is in Çayan District.They took an internet print out of the pdf of the walking magazine and went out for distribution.The internet where the journal's logo, editorial and online can be read.The printout, whose address is written, is available to the shopkeepers of the neighborhood and the apartments are door to door.was distributed to the public. 3 People's Front participated and an average of 3During the hour-long study, the pressures on the March Journal, the policeillegal and illegitimate threats to the printing press and unlawfulraids and arrests. Walking of the people under all conditions...

Group Commentary Concert was Held in Çayan District

CayanA Grup Yorum concert was held in the district on 14.09.2019. on 14.09.2019The concert to be held in Beyoğlu by Grup Yorum will be held arbitrarily by the decision of the district governor.After the ban, Grup Yorum, every area of ​​poor neighborhoods,turns every part of it into a concert venue. In cafes, parks, homes, vehiclesPlaying Grup Yorum folk songs, this time in a park in Çayan Mahallesimet. 45 min. An average of 50 people attended the concert. with halay,The concert continued with folk songs and marches. Group of people living in surrounding housesThey came as soon as they heard commentary...