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Walking Magazine 132nd Issue Is Out!

div>31In March 2015, the Prosecutor of Berkin Elvan case, where do on falling,span>b>div>KillerKeep to the Cops, DHKC Warriors Dawn Plateau and Bakhtiar True Path;Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Cherry Europe's Biggest p>span>b>div>fromAt the Palace, in its Executive Sentenced! Last Year Across the intervening State,How it inside the Warrior entered p>span>b>div>WeaponHow could not find that Soka! It caused by this disastrous defeat, the AKP Revenge AlmaUndressed! p>span>b>div>DHKP-CFiles in the conspiracy by building, the prosecutor, myth, Police Mobilized By doing so,Threats and blackmail Collaborative was created! p>span>b>div>OneWith a confessor's testimony, Conspiracy Case About 200 people were hungry! p>span>b>div>ThisCollaborators from Cavite and Ilkay Yilmaz Works,...

New Composition by Grup Yorum “I’m In For Everything With You”

Continuing to strike fascism and imperialism with Grup Yorum's compositionsIn the days of pressure, attacks and prohibitions, Grup Yorumby producing, resisting, in prison cells, squares, factories, publichope becomes a light to the public.Lyrics and Music: Grup YorumEdit: İhsan CibelikSoloist: Selma Erkoç In the last two years, Grup YorumYou can find all the tracks on our youtube account…"> /a>To reach the composition "I'm All For You With You"

German Popular Front: The Killer of Deniz Poyraz and Berkin Elvan is AKP Government

The person or persons who raided the İzmir HDP provincial building in the morning of June 17, shot and killed the officer Deniz Poyraz who was there. We offer our condolences to his family, relatives, HDP members and all our people. This has prevented the carnage from growing.” Because of this lack of knowledge, the massacrers could not find 40 people in the HDP building they entered, and killed Deniz Poyraz, who was there, first by shooting, torturing her from behind, and then shooting her in the head. There is a police tent opposite the HDP building and it keeps...