The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Giant-Young People Distributed Walking Magazine in Sarıyer Region

Dev-Genç'liler walking in Sarıyer regionThey delivered the 130th issue of the magazine to the public. A total of 30 magazines were distributed.PrisonerThey made 30 of the stamps about the release of the Dev-Young ones. Prisoner Dev-Gençli Pınar Birkoç livedThey told the public about the 19-year sentence he received for unlawfulness in places where magazines were distributed.The study took 4 hours.

New Composition by Grup Yorum “The Inevitable War”

Grup Comment continues to produce and resist regardless of the conditions. Resistances, production, revolutionary art. Grup Yorum continues to write history.Word; İhsan Cibelik, Umut GültekinMusic: Umut GültekinArranging; Umut GültekinBağlama: İhsan CibelikSoloist: Sena Erkaç Umut GültekinGroup Comment's last two years You can find all of the tracks on our youtube account… “Inevitable” To reach our composition "Battle";