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Grup Yorum Didn’t Recognize Concert Bans (With Video)

Grup Yorum you ban 1 concert, we give concerts everywhereHe did not recognize the bans by saying that we wouldgave a concert.For 34 years, concert bans, detentions, pressures have been succumbed.Grup Yorum is not the first to ban concerts today. Group Comment is publicHe continues to produce and create by resisting and singing folk songs for the people. You will not be able to silence the voice of Grup Yorum! Group Comment Is The People, It Can't Be Silenced! iframe>

Resisting Worker Turan Aktaş carried out a chain action in front of Şişli Municipality.

RESISTING WORKER TURAN AKTAŞ 530 OF THE RESISTANCETO THE MUNICIPALITY OF SISLI ON THE DAYCHAIN ​​AND PANEL ASTI.Resisted for 530 days, snow, winter, cold, warmhe didn't say. With persistence and determination, in the field of action and in various continued its resistance in the fields. Turan Aktascontinues his victory march.530 days into action area more than usual differentwent to perform an action. ResistancesWith Hüseyin Kütük from the Assembly previouslyThey went towards the terrace of the municipality, which he designated.Go out onto the terrace without being seen by the security guardsHe put on his apron first. Then on 'CHP workergive up...

Grup Yorum: German Imperialism Cannot Prevent Our Art

The German police attacked the "solidarity rally with revolutionary prisoners" held in Magdeburg on Friday, June 18th, due to the participation of our group, GrupYorum. Magdeburg police announcing that they banned our concert without any document, court order, and said that they would intervene if we took our instruments and started to give a concert. We declared that we do not recognize this arbitrary decision and that we will sing our songs here today no matter what, and we started our program with our friends who organized the event.Magdeburg Netzwerk After the statements by Für Politische Gefangene (Solidarity with Prisoners)...