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Dev-Young People Distributed the 123rd Issue of Walking Magazine in Gazi District!

Walking as Giant-Young people on Wednesday, 19 JuneContents section of the journal and the editorial describing the parliamentary action.We took a photocopy of it and distributed it to our people door to door. Arrested in magazine raidWe talked about the torture our friends went through. Despite all the obstaclesthat we deliver our Walking Magazine to our people with our means,We told that our office was raided and dozens of march workers were arrested.Our people in the houses we have described, on the other hand, can only resist the pressures that we should be united.He said that this way we can...

Dev-Genç Statement: AKP Fascism Cannot Silence Grup Yorum

The People Who Made Blood Vomit for 17 Years AKP The group that has been making folk songs for 34 years cannot silence fascism!< /div>Group Comment'sThe concert "Direniş is a Turk, Resistance, which will be held at Ferhan Şensoy Orta Oyunlar Sahnesi on September 14, will lead to the concert.It was banned by the district governor a day before. 5 imprisoned members of Grup Yorum,5, including concert bans for outside members, families, volunteerstheir bodies melted day by day and their consciousnesswhile sharpening, fascism banned another concert!Your concertto İdil Cultural Center, where Grup Yorum, where it was banned, continues its activities.It...

Let Edibe Özçelik’s Killers Be Tried

In Samandağ District of HatayOn January 16, in the Tekebaşı neighborhood, police officers, who were the law enforcement officers of the AKP,Edibe Özçelik, who fell ill and had a heart attack during the operation,We want justice for the murderers of the family and children under the namestarted a campaign.In Tekebaşı neighborhood for 65 weeksResisting Özçelik family's houses were taken by the police again in the past weeks.printed and the signatures collected within the scope of the justice campaign were stolen.Repeat operationThe reason was to want Edibe Özçelik's murderers to be prosecuted.They will both murder and start the campaign for the...

Resistance Assembly Statement: It is the Class Hatred of Fascism Who Killed Deniz Poyraz

The Murderer of Deniz Poyraz Who Was Murdered in the HDP İzmir Provincial Organization Is Not Honor Gencer, Who Acts With Personal Hatred, It Is The Class Hatred Of Fascism!Fearing The Anger Of The People It Has Doomed To Poverty And Hunger, Fascism Can't Find Any Way Other Than Ruling With Blood, Massacres and Fear! You are dying, you know your end is coming! An armed attack was carried out against HDP İzmir Provincial Organization on Thursday, June 17th. In the armed attack, 20-year-old Deniz Poyraz, who went to work for his mother for a day due to his mother's...