The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Grup Yorum Concert Held in Athens

On October 19, 2019, the Group was held in Athens, the capital of Greece.The commentary concert was held. Concert work started weeks in advance,Grup Comment with posters, coupons, leaflets, banners in many regionsThere is no place left where his concert is not heard. 10 days before the concert, with the participation of Grup Yorum members.concert work was enthusiastic. In many well-known spots of Athens,Concert call desks were opened and voice calls were made. One-to-One Grup Yorum membersThey opened a table and made a call to the concert. Famous radio andInforming about the invitation to the concert and Grup Yorum by...

We Have Done Stamping Work for Ali Osman Köse

Illustration as DEV-Young people on the Anatolian side of Istanbula total of 75 for the prisoner Ali Osman KÖSEwe did some stamping work! Ali Osman KÖSE releaseduntil cured and treated by independent physiciansWe will keep working until is done!Ali Osman Köse Should Be Released Immediately!We Want Justice!