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Coffee Speech from Okmeydanı People’s Front

Okmeydanı People's Front gave a speech at the cafes in Okmeydanı Neighborhood on 14 August. In the Coffee Speech, Patient Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, Who has been a Freed Prisoner for 37 Years, was Told. In addition, a summons was made to the Court of Eren Yılmaz, who was wanted to be murdered by gangs in İkitelli Neighborhood.

HFG Workers Are Waiting for Your Questions for the “Question and Answer Video”

With Murat Durmaz, one of the current workers of Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Combating Drugs, Gambling and Alcohol, which has been operating in Germany for about 2 years, we will prepare a 'Question and Answer' video on Friday, January 22, as the European Giant-Youth. You can send us the questions you are curious about or want to ask about drugs and treatment, by commenting under the video or by private DM or Mail. Instagram:almanya.genclikFacebook: Bizim Gençlik in Europe< /p>Mail:

Grup Yorum Hunger Strike is on the 121st Day of the Resistance

Grup Yorum members are on the 121st day of their hunger strike.From Grup Yorum members who are on an indefinite hunger strike;86. of Helin Bölek hungerİbrahim Gökçek 88.Baris Yuksel 89.Bahar Kurt 95.Ali Tool 19.Gebze M Type Women's Closed Prison on support hunger strikeOn the 9th day of the hunger strike of Beste Yılmaz, one of her free prisoners Group Comment MembersLet Their Requests Be Accepted Immediately!

Great Martyr of Resistance Uğur Türkmen Commemorated in Austria

Exactly 20 years agoFor Uğur Türken, who was martyred during the Death Fast resistance, in Austria, family andcommemoration was held by his comrades.His revolutionary andThere was a conversation about the resistance, the film was taken at his home in Mersin during the resistance interview watched.Helva by Zeynep YıldırımIt was also roasted for him on the occasion of his 40th. /p>

Germany Giant-Young Description:

GROUP Comment Performed at Our Magdeburg Meeting Despite Police Intervention!The German police, seeing that Grup Yorum also participated in the solidarity action with revolutionary prisoners in Magdeburg, Germany, on June 18, arbitrarily banned them from performing. Together with Grup Yorum workers, we, as the European Giant-Young people, did not accept these practices and started a resistance. We exposed the racist policies of the German state and the bans placed on Grup Yorum, in the speeches we made after we put our clothes on the police chiefs who tried to force us to surrender. The German state, which finances the weapons...

European Popular Front: IBAN After Every Disaster!

They Make Even Our Disasters Tools of Robbery;OUR PEOPLE DO NOT HELP THE EXPLOITIVE FASCIST GOVERNMENT CALLS FOR HELP! People are crying blood from fires and floods. Hundreds of our people were openly massacred as a result of not taking the necessary precautions. Hundreds are still missing. While we are buried in our pain, mourning our lost forests, our dead people, chasing our losses, a degenerate government is thinking how can I steal this situation by taking advantage of it.Because;< p>A government that knows no bounds in looting, plundering, robbery and exploitation in our country is at work. While our...