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Walk Magazine Stand Opened at Grup Yorum Concert in Switzerland

Walk magazine stand was opened for the first time in Switzerland.Grup Yorum band held in Switzerland on Sunday, March 17In his concert, the Walk Magazine Stand was opened. Captive Ebru Yeşilırmak with various postersThe old special issues of the Walk Magazine stand on the magazine stand with its poster.There was also a small exhibition of paintings with their covers. Also, the old WalkTheir magazines also took their places on the table.As well as many visitors to the Walking Journal deskspecially invited director of the Swiss Association of Reporters Without Bordersalso visited. The association manager, who stayed at the table for...

HFG Europe: How Do We Know If Our Children Are Using Drugs?

How do we know our children are using drugs and what should we pay attention to?HFG Workers released a 16-minute video on November 30 to inform our families about drugs. Many issues that need to be taken into consideration were discussedHe emphasized that we are not helpless and that the solution lies in the People's Assemblies.VE HFG workers said;We are not helpless no matter our circumstances and the solution is in the People's Assemblies. We Are Not Helpless!Hasan Ferit Gedik War Against Drugs and Liberation Center - Join You!

The Diary of the 2nd Day of July and the Detention

About to set up our stands on Friday, July 12We went to the festival area. We completed our preparations and set our tables.We put up our banners and put on our aprons. Before we open our tableshundreds of police were waiting in full gear with TOMAs and detention vehicles. HEThe other left groups made a common call for us to protest yesterday's attack.They would make a press release. Police allow action while the press text is readannounced that they would not give in, otherwise they would attack. But despite everythingThe action continued, whereupon the vile police attacked with all their...

Germany with Giant Young Hikers in Stuttgart

As Germany Giant-Youth, we were in Stuttgart, Germany with the hikers on Wednesday, April 21st.As youth, we participated in the long march started by the Resistance Council from the very beginning. We did not leave the insurgents alone in Stuttgart for 10 days. During the action in the bazaar center, the group played commentary songs, handouts were distributed and support signatures were collected.We call everyone to İlker Şahin's court on Friday, the last day of the Long March. .Resist, We Will Win! Session Rights Cannot Be Extorted!< br>

Dogan Presse Ajans Statement: Hasan Saltık Lost His Life

The owner of Kalan Music, which introduced the musical wealth in Anatolia to the world, Hasan Saltik passed away on June 2, at the age of 57, of a heart attack. We wish our condolences to the Saltik family and our people. After Hasan Saltik's death, condolence messages were first issued throughout Turkey and abroad. Grup Yorum posted the following message on its social media account: “Our very, very valuable friend, a loyal companion, our devoted brother; We lost Hasan Saltik. He was not only our producer, but our friendship that has grown unshakably with hard work and loyalty since...

İzmir People’s Front: The Family of Tahir Çetin, Head of Independent Maden İş, was visited

Family and grave of Independent Mine Workers' Union President Tahir Çetin, who lost his life as a result of a traffic accident on 9 July while returning from the resistance of the miners who were in the Resistance to get their rights in Ankara, was visited by the İzmir Popular Front and the İzmir Revolutionary Workers' Movement . The letter sent by Remzi Uçucu on behalf of the Free Prisoners of İzmir Kırıklar F 1prison was read to the family and delivered to Tahir Çetin's brother Öncü Çetin.

Duisburg Walking Magazine Distribution

Our hope is being taken away with fake news." Oppressionno, the people are afraid, no one can resist, everyone bows"Our people are being left helpless with their lies.Also for our people living in Germany "Patriot, Strong unyielding state" liesThis is how emotions are used.The truth of WALKING MAGAZINE against all this lie hopelessnessbringing hope to our people.We can publish our magazine wherever our Turkish people are in Germany.We must deliver. When the contrary truths are not brought to the public, the lies will leave those is entering. Layout does not recognize spaces.18 magazines in bulk sale this week in...

Police Attack on Demonstration for Alexis Grigoropoulos in Athens

The Greek government banned the commemoration of Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by the police in 2008 in Athens, the capital of Greece. Fascism has the freedom to murder our children, but it is forbidden to commemorate them and hold them accountable.To protest this unacceptable situation, the Greek People's Front and Class Counter-Attack banners were unfurled, and they wanted to march to the monument built for Alexis in Exerkiya and make a press statement. The police, who attacked as soon as the march started, prevented the crowd. For half an hour, the attack of the police was exposed with...

3rd and 4th Day Diaries of The Last July

By going to the festival area on 13 and 14 JulyWe opened our tables. We hung our banners. The police again surrounded the area where the stands were.blockaded, he was there to intimidate the people with his TOMAs and shields.To call for the Grup Yorum concert in front of the police all day that day.We distributed hundreds of leaflets. We had agitations. Although the police harassedAs a result of the support of the people, he could not attempt to be detained. Selling all dayWe fought enthusiastically to protect our position by dancing dances. the last of the festivalPınar Aydınlar, who...

German Resistance Assembly Long March in Stuttgart

The Long March we started on April 12 as the German Resistance Assembly was in Stuttgart on its 10th day. In the action that took place in the center of the bazaar, saying that we want our right of residence back, leaflets were distributed and tens of signatures were collected. We had a good action with the enthusiasm of Stuttgart People's Assembly staff and Giant-Young people. We thank the participants and invite everyone to support the trial of our Resistance Council member İlker Şahin on Friday, April 23.We Want Our Session Right Back!