The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Çayan Popular Front: Raids, Repressions, Arrests, Detentions Didn’t and Will Not Intimidate Us!

The bloody murderer of the AKPOn 13.06.2019, the police carried out an operation against the Walking Journal. to the pastWhen we look at it, it carried out dozens of operations, dozens of people were arrested. Eachabout the arrested person, "the senior executive of the organization", "central committee"He was even declared a 'general secretary'. These are the lies of fascism,conspiracies.Articles for Walking MagazineWho are our friends detained in the operation?Ali Tool;He is Grup YorumHe is a member of Grup Yorum music band for years, has composed dozens of compositions andHe wrote the word. Doors with handouts in person before big concertsHe...

Düsseldorf Insurgents were in front of the Ministry of Interior in Week 45

45 Weeks Before the Ministry of Interior in Dusseldorf.This week, we continued our solidarity hunger strike with Grup Yorum.Every Monday, as the Düsseldorf Resistance, Grup Yorum started to demand justice.we support the hunger strike resistance from the resistance area we find. Hunger4 people participated in the strike.Fascism Is Not Powerful To Silencing People's Artists!Group Comments Are People, Can't Be Silenced!

German Wall Newspaper for Ali Osman Köse in Stuttgart

A prisoner in the dungeons of fascism in Stuttgart for 37 years andThe situation of Ali Osman Köse, whose treatment was prevented despite cancer,1 wall newspaper in German language was hung to attract attention. WallIn the newspaper, the situation of Ali Osman Köse is described, as well as T.C. JusticeHe calls to call his ministry.Immediately Release Ali Osman Köse!Free the Sick Prisoners!

Popular Front of France: It’s Fascism, Not the Flood, That Kills

Turkish Fascism Is The Killer Of Our 27 People Who Died in Floods.The Western Black Sea Region of our country is under flood waters.25 of them are Kastamonu, 27 of our people lost their lives, 2 of them in Sinop.Dozens of our people are also missing.Especially in the cities of Kastamonu and Sinop, the people are alone with their lives under water...< /p>Destroyed houses, apartments;Workplaces destroyed by the flood, vehicles...Our people who are left behind after their dead.All of these, What happened is presented as a natural event, a natural disaster, and the state justifies itself in this way.These flooded...