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Statement from the NRW Popular Front on the March Raid

You are a scoundrel, a traitor,You are a torturer and a murderer!From AccountingYou won't be able to escape!Istanbul on 14 June 2019The Walking Journal office in Sultangazi Neighborhood was published once again.The contents were detained under torture and taken to torture chambers.The torture was so reckless that they broke the arm of Grup Yorum member Ali Araci.This is not a simple raid.It is the terror of the lie against the Walk Magazine, which is the voice of the truth. the voice of the peopleIt is the intolerance of the exploitative and oppressor towards the Walking Journal. To the patriotsIt is...

Neunkirchen Popular Front: Support for Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

We are partners in Grup Yorum's HungerWe'll Make Your Voices Heard Everywhere!People's Front of Neunkirchen in Austria on 31 August, indefinite hungerGroup Comment, which was on strike, went on a one-day support hunger strike.People on the hunger strike visit homes, workplacesThey talked about Grup Yorum and their demands for resistance. wherever they are,They called on our people to join the hunger strike. As Popular Fronts we say;For being revolutionary and making people's artis under pressure. Turkish fascism is punishing people's artists, theirHe wants to silence the resistance and the songs of struggle that bring morale to the people. GroupThroughout the...

Statement Concerning the Ayten Öztürk Court for Families with TAYAD

Today, as TAYAD Families, we were in the corridor where the court will be held for Ayten Öztürk at Çağlayan Courthouse. From the moment Ayten Öztürk was brought in, we embraced Ayten with our slogans. The police of the political branch took Ayten hastily to prevent this ownership and surrounded our friends who were there. They shot the slogans and said "you are committing a crime". However, a civil fascist, mafia-mouthed person waiting in the corridor where the court will be seen, said to our friends, "If you throw another slogan, I will crush your head!" When he said that,...

German People’s Front: Saboteur AKP Burns Our Forests

One side of our country is on fire and the other side is struggling with floods. While our forests, which have been burning for weeks, are smoking, now our people are struggling with floods. Our forests were burned all over our country. The animals living in our forests, the bugs, were on fire. While propagating how big fire planes they bought when appropriate, they said that there were not enough fire planes to put out when the forests were burning. The AKP government also attacked people who wanted to put out the fires. It's not a coincidence, of course, fire...