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Statement from the Ikitelli People’s Front Regarding the Raid on the March Magazine

To Yürüyüş Magazine, June 14In the morning hours of the day, the oligarchy was raided by the bloody murderer police.done. In the raid, Merve KURT, Ümit ÇİMEN, Yılmaz VIRANER and Grup YorumMember Ali ARACI was detained under torture. Our friends are nowtortured by murderous policemen in the Vatan Police Department where they were held.they continue to see.With raids, detentions, torture,that they will end the revolutionary struggle of the people with arrests and massacres.they think. But situations like this let's stop ending our fightcan't even regress. Because we are processing them one by one for our revolutionary reasons.More causes for revolution...

Families with TAYAD Press Release at Sadi Konuk Hospital

TAYAD Families held a press statement for Eren Yılmaz, who was shot by gangs in İkitelli Neighborhood and is still under treatment, in front of the hospital where he stayed.“We Will Not Let Gangs Kill Revolutionaries, Eren Yılmaz Who Fights Corruption Is Not Alone” The press release was read by raising a written banner.The health condition of Eren Yılmaz is improving. We did not allow gangs, we will not!The gangs will be held accountable to the public!Eren Yılmaz is not alone!

Ankara Public Workers Made a Wall Newspaper

PublicThe Wall Newspaper for Sibel Balaç in Ankara İncesu Neighborhood of the Laborers' FrontDidPublicLaborers' Front, to Sibel Balaç, who was unlawfully imprisoned on 19.05.202115 wall newspaper studies exposing more than 8 years of punishment givenmade. DoneIn the study, conversations were also made with the public. Sibel Balaç's Public Workersfor his safety and for fighting against injustice in our country.He was reported to have been arrested. In general, there was a conversation about injustice.

Dev-Genç: Detentions Should Be Released Immediately

Turan Aktaşiş has been resisting in front of Şişli municipality for 552 days for his bread, labor and honor. does not take it back. Turan Aktaş is using his right to resist. Therefore, Yuksel resisters Merve Demirel, Muhammet Demirel and Bakırköy resister Nursel Tanriverdi, who came to support Turan Aktas, were detained unlawfully. It is not a crime to demand and support your job, bread and honor.Detentions Should Be Released Immediately!Turan Aktaş Reemployed!Dev-Genç

British People’s Front Takes Action for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse in Front of the Turkish Embassy

England People's Front organized an action for the immediate release of Ali Osman Köse in front of the Turkish Embassy on Wednesday, 11 August. Slogans of "Sick Prisoners are Our Honor" "Revolutionary Prisoners are Our Honor" were chanted in Turkish and English.Yürüyüş magazine worker Elif Ersoy made a statement and shouted slogans against the heavy isolation policies. Description Read in English and Turkish, Group Commentary Anthems Played.