The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Dev-Young People Continue to Deliver Walking Magazine to the Public in Kadıköy!

Even if Dev-Genç's was published on the internet every SaturdayIn addition, the March that could not be taken for a while due to the threats and pressures of fascism.magazine's contents section and editorial, and magazine distribution in Kadıköy.output. While 50 articles were distributed last week, a total of 60 magazines were published this week.delivered. During the study, everyone who visited, why the magazine could not be printed,The threat of the prosecutor and the police against the printing house was explained. Also, at noonand the raid of the Walk magazine, the details of which come during the day, wherever they go.was...

Germany Giant-Young People Asked: “Why Is It Important To Write Letters?”

"It breaks through the walls of isolation and once again shouts to the executioner's face: that the revolutionaries will never be alone, the revolutionaries can never be isolated, and the revolutionaries will never surrender."(Excerpt: Avrupada Bizim Gençlik, Issue 17) ) As Germany's Giant-Young People"Why Is It Important To Write Letters?" We asked.We are sharing the answer of one of our brothers with you. "The letter is inside the prisoner's eye and ear outside(...)" p>