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Statement by Dev-Genç on the Raid of the Walking Magazine

AKP FascismHe Thinks He Can Silence the March Magazine with Raids and Operations!HoweverHe's wrong! The march is the people, it is the voice of the people, it cannot be silenced! GaziLocated in the district of Ozan Publishing, on 14.06.2019 at noonpressed once again. The murderer, torturer, thief cops of AKP fascism are oneOnce again, they besieged the neighborhood with their helicopters, cans, and long barrels.they got it. Terrorizing the March Magazine by surrounding the magazine and trying to publicize it.They intended to create fear. However, Walking Magazine is located in only one is not just a building or an...

Swiss People’s Front Group Commentary and People’s Advocates Performed Studies

Grup Yorum and people's lawyers on 24.08 and 31.08Flyers were distributed and signatures were collected between 12-15 pm.The history of Grup Yorum, its demands and why the governmentsThey were told that they were afraid of the comment. Grup Yorum is the voice and breath of the people.specified. Assigned to lawyers159-year sentences explained.It was reported that the lawyers were on the side of the oppressed and murdered.The health problems of Barkın Timtik and his immediate release were emphasized.Group Comment is the People Cannot be silenced!Freedom to Grup Yorum!Freedom to the People's Lawyers!Freedom for Barkın Timtik! Swiss FolkFront

Description of the Resistance Council: You Have Tried 898 Times You Have Been Defeated 898 Times You Will Be Defeated...

YOU DIDN'T DELIVERED AYTEN ÖZTÜRK THROUGH TORTURE AND IMPRISONMENTS TODAY, YOU CANNOT GET DELIVERY!RELEASE AYTEN ÖZTÜRK IMMEDIATELY! p>Ayten Öztürk was abducted from Lebanon Refik Hariri Airport on March 13, 2018 and brought to Turkey and was tortured for 6 months in a torture center in Ankara with the knowledge of the state. As a result of the inhuman tortures applied to him, 898 wounds were opened on his body. All these wounds were detected. It went on the record. However, neither the torturers who caused these 898 wounds nor those who kidnapped Ayten and set up the torture center where...