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Ankara Giant-Young: Walking Magazine Can’t Be Silenced!

At noon, Walk magazine AKP's deathreprinted by the manga. 3 Walking magazine employees and the GroupComment member Ali Araci was detained under torture. What do you hope with your raidsBy terrorizing Sesi Walking magazine nor the honorable voice of the people, Grup Yorum,You won't be able to finish! Don't you ever learn from history? In every raidYou have plundered and looted our institutions, doing better in each raid.we're back in front of you. All your strength rests on lies and demagogy, butThe facts are so simple and powerful that every time you say WE ARE FINISHED,While you were drooling and...

As Germany Giant-Young People, We Ask: Why Is It Important to Write Letters?

Imagine that you are a part of a very honorable struggle.Honoured, because for people you have never met, your faceyou have not even seen, for childrenall kinds of you are ready to pay the price,because you made your choice not for the order, but for the rightfor the RIGHTfor the PEOPLE, in short, for the REVOLUTIONARY. As someone who believes that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than man, you are now in isolation. They has isolated you from peoplebecause you have defended your opinionsbecause you have not lost your faith in a better tomorrow. Because you have...

Holiday Visit to Okmeydanı People’s Assembly Turan Aktaş

Okmeydanı People's Assembly Saturday, May 15day is 521 days because he was unlawfully dismissed from the CHP Şişli Municipality.paid a holiday visit to Turan Aktaş, who was in resistance. Turan Aktaş opened to Şişli municipalityDespite winning the return to work case, he is not reinstated to his job. Sisli municipalityPresident Muammer Keskin, stop your hostility towards workers! Get Turan Aktaş Back to Work!We are workers, we are right, we will win! Okmeydanı People's Assembly

Our Comrade Ayten Öztürk Detained As A Result Of An Unlawful Arrest Decision

Ayten Öztürk, who was detained from the Lebanon Refik Hariri Airport in March 2018 with an international conspiracy and was handed over to the MIT, was held in the torture chambers of the MIT for 6 months. subjected to all kinds of torture. 898 wounds were inflicted on his body, but our comrade came out of the torture prison with his head held high, preserving his honor, revolutionism, and love of the people and country. He was handed over to Ankara's Political Branch Police by the MIT in September 2018, as if the police caught him by chance, and a...