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Statement by the French Popular Front on the Raid on the Marching Magazine

Voice of the PeopleYou won't be able to mute!Walking Magazine Won't Be Silent!Our magazine will not be silenced.know. The ink of our magazine is the blood of our comrades. Our magazine, this people'sIt is an honorable part of its history written in blood. Therefore no powerIt cannot drown out our voice, it cannot silence our voice.It washes, it burns, it prints,You are torturing our comrades with your perversion. Tell us whatare you getting? A big nothing.I keep smashing youwe will. Every policy you apply will explode in your hand.No cover you cut for uswe will not obey. We will continue...

1522.Day of Yuksel Resistance Evening

1522.Day of Yuksel Resistance Evening Yuksel Resistance 1522.Day Evening statement was made by friends of the resistance In the statement, Cemal Öksüz said, "Acun Karadağ, Alev Şahin, Nazan Bozkurt and Mehmet Dersulu have had 129 days "They are prisoners. They have voiced injustices in this area. You will beat the workers, shopkeepers, students, farmers, you want no one to make a sound, no one to hear. We and the Yüksel Resistanceists will continue to expose and talk about all kinds of cruelty from here," he said /div>

We Fight Drugs Book Is Out!

“Uyuşturucu Yoksul Halkın Emperyalistler Eliyle Zehirlenmesidir" Ho Chi MinhDünyada ve ülkemiz Türkiye’de halkların ve halkımızınbaşındaki en büyük belalardan biri uyuşturucudur.Sokaklar uyuşturucu satıcılarıyla dolu.Sokaklar uyuşturucu mafyalarının zehirledikleri gençlerin insanın içinisızlatan görüntüleriyle dolu. Uyuşturucunun zehirlediği bedenler acı içinde kıvranırsokaklarda, iradeleri yok edilmiştir. Adım adım tükenerek ölüme giderken bunadur diyebilecek iradeden yoksun bırakılmışlardır. Bu tablo gözlerimizin önündesüren bir katliam tablosudur."Derleyen: Ali Osman KöseYayınevi: Boran YayıneviKitabımızıİndirmek İçin Linke Tıklayınız

Interview with Turan Aktaş on the 515th Day of His Resistance

Turan Aktaş is in front of Şişli Municipality for 515 daysShe is struggling to get back to her job. Reason for his dismissal, guessas you will, Decree that came into force in April 2018subcontractors will no longer be able to work in municipalities,workers would continue to work. This is Turan Aktaş.He was one of the workers. He went from subcontractor to the so-called 'staff'. But one problemThere was a difference in wages between the permanent worker and the worker who transferred from the subcontractor to the 'staff'.there was. Turan Aktaş objected to this. ‘If you are deceiving us, the subcontractorThen...