The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Police Raid on Walking Magazine!

AKP's killer cops 14On Friday, June, to the journal office where the work of the Walking Journal is carried out.conducted the operation. Yılmaz Viraner was detained in the operation. This is your last operation, thisyour last attack. Were you able to mute the walking magazine? walking magazineis the voice of the people, Walking magazine is the voice of the truth. This voice cannot be silenced. Noyour operation, your pressures, your attacks are not enough to silence the March Journal.Walking Magazine will continue to write the facts and deliver the facts to the public!Information about the operationWe will continue to share...

Support Action Continues for Grup Yorum, Ombudspersons and March Workers in the Netherlands

Saturday10 August Our table is on Hoogstraat street in Rotterdam, Netherlands.we set up, we placed our foreign currency.GroupWe listened to the songs of Yorum. On the street, where 3000 people per hour,human interest was in our action.Turkishsomeone came in with his little son in his arms and said: "What are you doing here? For what?this" and asked a questionOur colleague who spoke,“Grup Comment is a music group. Pressure for protesting and making political musicThey are under, Centers, Artists are targeted and listed,they are detained with torture There are musicians who are in prison. of the peopleLaw firm lawyers are on...

Statement for the Public Workers’ Front Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary Prisoner Ali Osman Köse With Cancer Should Be Released Immediately!For Ali Osman Köse, Who Has His Left Kidney Removed, This Makes It Obligatory For He To Stay In Prison! >Ali Osman Köse spent 27 years of his 38-year captivity in isolation. During his captivityhe was rendered unable to stay in prison due to the tortures and arbitrary usurpation of rights.From neurological diseases to hypertension, when he was unable to walk in a 5-step cell, first covid-after 19 He also got cancer.The right to treatment was constantly denied and his ATK reports were changed under political pressureshis release was prevented...