The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Walking Magazine 122nd Issue Is Out!

Neo-Colonialism;Country Economies Dependent on Imperialism,Its Political-Social-Cultural Structure, Everything from Sports to EducationIt's Part and Its Determiner.This is how imperialism has become an internal phenomenon! from DemirelFrom Ecevit to Erbakan to Özal, All Enemies of the Public with This Aid and ScholarshipHe has grown.“The biggest response we have received from our military foreign aid investments isUS and overseas training centers and military schoolscome from selected soldiers and experts trained. These students themselvesby their countries to be trainers when they return to that country.are selected.These are the future leaders of the country, who know how to do business and who do it...

Germany Giant-Young: 2021 Happy New Year of Fight

"We left behind a long and difficult but honorable year. We paid a heavy price, but at the same time, we created great heroism. With Helin, Mustafa, İbrahim and Ebru, we became hope and strength for all peoples of the world. We will increase this hope and strength in 2021. In this sense, happy new year of struggle to all of us!"Helin, Mustafa, İbo, Ebru are immortal!Long live the Giant-Young, Long live the Giant-Young people p>Germany Giant-Young

We are on Hunger Strike for Grup Yorum in the Tent of the Resistance in Germany

August 12Monday Hunger Strike Held in Düsseldorf Resistance Tent for Grup Yorum.EachWe were on a support hunger strike this Monday, just like Monday. Sessionwe are resisting for our rights We open our tent for Grup Yorum on Monday.Duesseldorf for 42 weeksWe are resisting in front of the ministry of interior until our demands are acceptedwe will resist.GroupComment is the public and cannot be silenced. iframe>

Justice Campaign from TAYAD Families

FAMILY Families from TAYAD gathered signatures and distributed leaflets within the framework of the Justice Campaign in Güzeltepe Mahallesi on April 4th. Today, we stood with our signatures against the injustices inflicted on our people, against the workers killed in Soma, against the injustice inflicted on their families, against the injustice in the Çorlu massacre, against the injustice inflicted on the lawyers and artists of the people, on public workers, and against those who murdered the children of the people. Signatures were signed for Berkin, Dilek, Grup Yorum, and People's Advocates! Today, we stand with our signatures, the days when...

Statement on Elif Ersoy from the Public Workers’ Front

Revolutionary Press Worker Elif Ersoy Has Been Imprisoned With Conspiracies For Being The Owner Of The Journal Publishing On Behalf Of The PeopleAnd Editorial Director!For Months She is Resisting and Tortured in order to be able to take it, to end the usurpation of her rightsand to be able to join her friends!We will not consent to a press mentality as fascism demands!Elif Ersoy has been imprisoned for 5 years . The reason for his detention is that he is both the owner and the editor-in-chief of the Walking Journal, which reports on behalf of the public, rejects the censorship...

Austrian Popular Front: The Home-Business Terror of the Innsbruck Police

The house of a teenager in the city of Innsbruck was raided by the police.The house was empty. The family living at home was in their hometown for a vacation. The police nevertheless raided. This raid has no justified, legitimate or legal justification.House raid is completely arbitrary, illegal, illegitimate and racist. The only possible reason for the raid is the intervention of the police while the young man whose house was raided was trying to hang a wall newspaper a while ago. If an unhung wall newspaper is raiding the Insbruck police home, there is another reason. If your state...