The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Walking Magazine 121st Issue Is Out!

New Colonialism; It Is The Most Dangerous And Deceitful Of Colonialism.Because their People; Indigenous with False Independence and False DemocracyCollaborators, Puppet Powers, Puppet Armies, 'Aid' or 'Alliance'Exploiting Indirectly and Insidiously.Richard Podol, "expert" in AID, reported to the White House in the 1970spresents:“The work of training Turkish managers who have adopted American valueshas achieved success. Operating in Turkey for more than ten yearsThe American aid program is now beginning to bear fruit. Importantin a ministry or in a position where there is no American-educated Turk.there is almost no economic state enterprise left.”Presenting People Like Osman Kavala as "Leftist-Aydın";Deepening Neocolonialism, Suffocating People's...

Popular Front New Year’s Fiction: 1 Year of the Fight

We will bring the hope of socialism to power among the peoples of Turkey, in front of the people of the world. We would like to thank our martyrs and prisoners who gifted our resistance. We will definitely gift them the power for which they sacrificed their lives and freedom. For this, we will rely on education, our brains on our ideology, and our hearts on the love of the people and the homeland. With the trigger pulled by our brains, we will continue to organize the armed struggle until we wipe out our last enemy from the face of...

The Unsilenced Voice of the People Grup Yorum Continues Hunger Strike

"Neither for my love of singing nor for making my voice heardI don't sing so many songs. The sound of my honorable guitar is both emotional andhe is right.” Victor JaraGrup Yorum is in the heat of the fight and in Free CaptivityThe indefinite hunger strike continues. Group Comment'sThe hunger strike resistance outside is on its 86th day on Sunday, August 11…August 11 starvation of the Özgür Tutsak members of Grup YorumWe provide the strike logs below;Bahar Kurt (Burhaniye T Type Prison) hunger strike59. On the day.AbrahamGökçek (Silivri 9 Prison) on Day 56 of the hunger strike.< /b>Helin Bölek (GebzeOff...

Statement of the Austrian People’s Front

It is Tayyip Erdoğan who neither burns nor extinguishes the forest!Our country's forests have been destroyed by fires at hundreds of points since July 28. It is AKP that sets forest fires and determines fire points, President Erdogan himself. In order to understand this, it is necessary to look at the changes made in the regulations this year, in short, "for the use of forest areas for other purposes and for development". When you look at these regulations published in the official newspaper, you will see that the President himself can determine which forest area and how much area will...