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Walking Magazine Distributed in Altınşehir

AltinsehirWalking Magazine was distributed on Tuesday, April 16 in Şahintepe District. oneThe current country agenda to the public in the magazine distribution work carried out by Halk CepheliThere were conversations over it, the problems of the neighborhood were discussed.AlsoKemal Delen, who was martyred by the gangs while fighting against corruptionThe public will be held at Ikitelli Yıldız Wedding Hall on Sunday, April 21, forAn invitation was made to participate in the festival. In total, 30 magazines were delivered to the public.Altınşehir Popular Front < /span>

19-22 December Massacre in Cologne Protested

On the anniversary of the 19-22 December massacre in Cologne, the 19-22 December massacre was protested and the martyrs of the great death fast resistance were commemorated. and continued with speeches in Turkish and German describing the resistances.In the commemoration, which continued with slogans and Group Commentary Anthems, many banners describing the Maraş, 19-22 December and Roboski massacres were carried. The Martyrs of December 19-22 Are Immortal We Will Ask the Account of the December 19-22 Massacre

Yuksel Resistance 1630. Day Noon Statement

We want our jobs back for 1630 days. We want justice. TodayThe questions asked by the public in the face of the 17-day closure decision, our rents,How are we going to pay our debts? Instead of the people's own health, hunger andstruggle against this system that condemns poverty to thinking We must organize the resistance of the people. Resistances against hunger, poverty, injusticeWe must organize in the assembly.

Free Prisoners of Greece: Neo Democracy Party Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries

Neo Demokratia (New Democracy Party) Government Continues Its Attack on Revolutionaries in the Name of Turkish Fascism!Sinan Oktay Özen's Right of Session Wants to Be Denied! The Greek State, since the NeoDemokratia party came to power Since then, it has been continuing its attacks against the revolutionaries more intensely. Our Comrade Sinan Oktay Özen, who was imprisoned in the Koridallos Prison, continues to add new attacks in parallel with the policies of AKP fascism in order to benefit their imperialist masters, following the Turkish Fascism's decision to "seize property". The day the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish fascism...

Description of Armutlu People’s Front Turan Aktaş

CHPŞişli Mayor Muammer Keskin Stop Being Enemy Of The Public And Don't Play With The People's Bread More!CHPŞişli Mayor Muammer Keskin; He does not stop attacking Turan Aktaş, who took action because he was fired from his job and suffered injustice, as if he fired the workers working in the municipality without looking at him. Muammer Keskin's supporters gave a blank check to Turan Aktaş, who has been protesting the mayor of Şişli Muammer Keskin for more than 600 days because he wanted his job back, and said, "Write the amount of money you want and stop taking action," immorally....