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Walking Magazine 110th Issue Voiceovers Are On Air

To imperialismand voice-overs of the 110th issue of our March Against Oligarchy Magazine.we share.Download the PDF from our www.yuruyus-info.orgyou can download, read.Our magazine 110th issue dated 17 March 2019 SESLIto listen, share or download collectively or separatelyCLICK HERE.To listen, download, share the text voiceovers of all issues our addressYou can visit.Respectand Best RegardsWalkMagazine Workers

Germany Giant-Young: Let’s Write a Letter to Elif Ersoy, Let’s Break the Isolation

Elif Ersoy was arrested for being an employee and worker of the Walking magazine and is currently in isolation. Isolation is Torture!As the Giant-Young People of Germany, we call on all of our people to embrace Elif Ersoy, to be hope and strength with our letters.We present the song "Ulas You from Grup Yorum" to all our free prisoners, especially for her. We would like to share with you the video we shot on Sunday, December 13. Let's Break the Isolation with Our Letters Elif Ersoy is not alone! Our Free Prisoners It is Our Honor Prison Address; Kayseri T...

Popular Front Statement: It is AKP Fascism that sold our homeland and burned our forests

Our country has been burning with forest fires for a week. For a week, traitors have set fire to our forests from all sides. Forest fires occurred at 150 different points in 32 provinces. Forest is defined in dictionaries: It is a land ecosystem consisting of various trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fungi, microorganisms, insects and animals of a certain height and size, generally formed naturally in the soil area. .It takes at least 100 years for a forest to form.29% of Turkey is covered with forests. These areas are getting smaller and drier with each passing year.However, our topic today...