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Resistance Assembly: Fascism is Killing Our People

Fascism Is Killing Our People! Fascism Refutes Everything About Humanity!Fascism is Once Again Killing Mothers in This Country in Front of Their Children! On January 10, 2020, in Hatay Samandağ, Uzun 70-year-old Edibe Özçelik, who got worse in the face of the tortured attitude of the police in the house raid carried out with barrel guns, was killed by the police after not calling an ambulance. Why was this house raid done? Why was the house of 70-year-old Edibe Özçelik raided while the houses where drug gangs, mafias, murderers, murderers of the children of the people, torturers and rapists lived...

Mannheim People’s Front Description

Forest fires, floods and massacres are what they say when they scorch the country" "What is needed is being done!" So what are they doing?They are throwing tea from the top of the bus!For the people, in the hands of the state, There is nothing to be used for the homeland.They are incapable of putting out the ongoing forest fires and they are preventing it from being put out.They are again preparing for plunder without wasting time. Those who spoke out against the massacre in Konya They are releasing the police, which has no function other than "attacking the public."...

The 108th issue of the Walking Journal is On Air

108. th anniversary of our March Against Imperialism and Oligarchy.We share the text voiceovers of the issue.PDF of our journal www.yuruyus-info.orgYou can download, read.Our Journal Issue 108 dated March 3, 2019 SESLİ< /a>to listen, share or download collectively or separatelyCLICK.Listening to the voice-overs of all issues of our magazine,To download, share, visit our RegardsYürüyüş Magazine Workers

Workers of Germany HFG; We Share the Video We Have Prepared With You

The increase in the number of drugs in Germany and the consumption of drugs in Germany are increasing day by day, especially in the German cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin.On November 04, 2020, exactly 11,5 tons Pure Cocaine seized in the Belgian port of Antwerp. It went down in history as the world's largest overseas drug operation. Its market value is approximately 900 Million Euros. According to the prosecution, cocaine, hidden in 5 containers full of scrap metal from Guyana in South America, was sent to a Dutch company just across the border. So how could it come easily...

Çayan Public Garden Sealed

Grup Yorum, which will take place in Çayan Mahallesi this evening,The Çayan Public Garden, where the concert will be held, was taken by the murderous police of the AKP.has been sealed. The AKP government suppressed the resistance of Grup Yorum with pressures and bans.will not prevent. We do not recognize your seals and prohibitionsGroup Comment'The People Cannot Be Silenced!

We are in front of the Cologne Court for our Right of Residence on April 23

Fighting racism is not a crime, it is a dutyTo be against corruption is a duty, not a crime. Organizing a Group Comment concert is an honor, not a crimeTo express our condolences is not a crime, it is the value of our people. Taking meat on a picnic is not a crime, it's sharing, it's friendship.If all these are crimes, we will continue to commit this crime.We want our Session Rights BackWe have brought all our people to İlker Şahin's right of residence Courtwe call.Action Time: 10:30Location: Cologne AmtsgerichtLuxemburger Straße 101, 50939 CologneDuisburg Committee We Want Justice

Turan Aktaş Continues His Resistance for 542 Days

The CHP, which works to get the votes of the workers with left-wing rhetoric and to tame their anger towards the order, always continues to show worker hostility. There are many examples for this, theoretically and practically. When we evaluate the CHP, we do not need to go into very deep ideological analysis, we can say in the final analysis that the CHP is a party of the bourgeois opposition and acts on the point of common interests with the bourgeoisie. Let's look at what they did. CHP management fired Turan Aktaş because Turan Aktaş got what he deserved. Turan...

Walking Magazine Issue 109 Voiceovers Are On Air

To imperialismand voiceovers of the 109th issue of our March Against Oligarchy Magazine.we share.Download the PDF from our www.yuruyus-info.orgyou can download, read.Our magazine 109th issue dated 10 March 2019 SESLIto listen, share or download collectively or separatelyCLICK HERE.To listen, download, share the text voiceovers of all issues our addressYou can visit.Respectand Best RegardsWalkMagazine Workers