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People of the Front Performed Marching Magazine Distribution and Street Work

In Kuruçeşme on March 15, the people's fronts were barren, Yenimahalle,In the study, they delivered the magazine to the public in the center, Şenyurt and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods.The magazine was distributed.People's front in Kuruçeşme neighborhood on March 23did street work. In street work, most of the people in our neighborhoodWhy is the Newroz event that he wanted to organize the People's Committee on March?was not celebrated. Our people go to the area where the celebration will be held in our neighborhood that day.1 armored vehicle and 5 soon, plainclothes police officers for about 2 hours.near us, whom they say they keep...

Belgian People’s Front Commemorated the 19-22 December Massacre

Revolutionary prisoners killed in the massacre in the name of the Operation Return to Life were commemorated in the Belgian city of Liege.The commemoration of the Giant-Young people started with a minute of silence for all the martyrs of the revolution.19 Afterwards, we continued with an article describing the massacre that took place on December."We said, we will not forget our martyrs, even if the birds forget to fly and fish forget to swim. The immortality of the people is the proof of the invincibility of the people.", we reiterated the immortality of all our death fast martyrs with the...

On the 80th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

We are in 80 days of our hunger strike.Our Requests:- Our institution should not be published- Concert bans should be lifted!- Remove lists!- Let the imprisoned Grup Yorum members be released!- May all lawsuits filed against us be dropped!May our demands be accepted immediately!Imprisoned members of Grup Yorum are on an indefinite hunger strikeBahar Kurt (Burhaniye T Type Prison) 53rd dayBarış Yüksel (Prison No. 9 in Silivri) 47th dayİbrahim Gökçek (Prison No. 9 in Silivri) 50th dayHelin Bölek (Gebze Closed Women's Prison) 49th dayLet's not leave the members of Grup Yorum on Hunger Strike alone,Let's support them by writing letters...

Germany Giant-Youth Resistance Assembly Participated in Court Action

The last stop of the long march started by the German Resistance Assembly was in front of İlker Şahin's court. The court was postponed, but despite it, we carried out our action in front of the court. As Dev-Young people, we did not leave the insurgents alone. A friend of ours attended the event by speaking in German. Apart from that, the action was ended with our dances and slogans. This resistance will not end with the long march. We will resist until session rights are taken back!Session Rights Cannot Be Breached! Germany Dev-Young< a href=""image"284%B251210 style="clear: left; float: left;...

Council of Resistances: Yuksel Resistance Cannot Be Imprisoned

The Insurgents Have Been Judgment In Your Courts That Enforce Injustice!We Will Never Give Up Our Demand For Justice!The AKP government, which used the coup attempt that took place in our country on July 15 after its conflicts of interest, declared a state of emergency. He made an attempt to liquidate the revolutionary-democratic public workers at the first opportunity. 140 thousand public workers were expelled during this process, and their efforts for years were ignored overnight. There were also public workers who did not accept this process silently. They started a resistance against this lawlessness in Ankara Yüksel Street. They...