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Walking Magazine 117th Issue Is Out!

COLLABORATIVE AKP, TURKISH SOLDIERSABROAD AND WITHOUT NOTIFYING THE TGNA IN TURKEY OF NATO SOLDIERSALLOWED TO BE DETECTED.FACIST AKP, SINCE 2016IT OPENED THE COUNTRY “LEGALLY”. AT THE SAME TIME, IT AGREEED TO BE AN Occupying Force. WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL FREEDOM!Click on the link to download the 117th issue of Walking Magazine… /a>Click for the entire Walking Journal Archive… div>To listen to the AUDIBLE articles of the Walk Magazineclick the link...'s read Walking to increase hope!To reach the Walking Magazine and our books, OzanYou can contact the publishing.Ozan Publishing Phone: (0-212) 536 93 44-45Weekly Magazine / Issue: 117May 5, 2019Price: 1...

The Greek Popular Front Continues to Collect Signatures for the Justice Campaign

06.08.2019 tarihinde Yunanistan Halk Cepheliler adaletkampanyası dahilinde Almanya’da devrimcilik yapmış olduğundan dolayı AlmanEmperyalizmi tarafından tutuklanan ve 5 yıl hapis cezasına çarptırılan ErdalGökoğlu için, Kurumları iki yıl içerisinde 9 kere basılan, üyeleri terörlisteleriyle aranan, konserleri yasaklanan, albümleri kurşunlanan Grup Yorumiçin, Soma’nın, Dilek Doğa’nın, Hasan Ferit Gedik’in avukatlığını yaptıklarıiçin Nuriye ve Semih’in sesi oldukları için tutuklanan Halkın Hukuk Bürosu avukatlarıiçin Atina’nın Sintagma ve Monastiraki semtlerinde imza topladılar.Yapılan çalışmada adalet istiyoruz kampanyası anlatıldı ve65 adet imza toplanıldı.

Dortmund We Want Justice Committee: We Visited the Tent of the Resistance

For Session RightsWe Visited Those Who ResistFor Session RightsThose Who Resist is Our Honor April 15 session rightsWe visited the resistance tent of the Resistance Council, which is fighting forWe explained our support.Solidarity for those who resist andIt is the greatest weapon of the righteous.Making revolution a crimeWe will not allow our rights to be usurped. We Want Justice!Revolution is not a crime,Task is Dortmund We Want JusticeCommittee

Yuksel Resistance 1671. Day Noon and Evening Statements

We Are Publishing the Noon and Evening Statements of the Ascension Resistance on the 1671st DayNoon Statement: “Merve Demirel < /p>Nuriye Gülmen, who is on the side of those who resist the decree laws with hunger for 324 days, is in detention on suspicion of escaping. The rapist Musa Orhan is released on the grounds that he will not escape. Mafias, murderers are free.” Evening Description: “Ascension Resistance 1671.evening statement Merve Demirel Nuriye Gülmen has a hearing on Thursday, June 10, at 12:00 in Istanbul Çağlayan Courthouse. Let's be at the hearing on June 10th."

Walking Magazine 118th Issue Is Out!

JUSTICE FOR OUR MARTYRS, FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE ON MAY 1 FIELD ON 1 MAYWE CHARGED OUR REQUEST!Taksim Is Just A Square, Fronts Are Not A Field Fetishist!< /b>Taksim Has Been A Place Since 1977 May 1st Massacre!We've Never Abandoned Our Position, Even If We're Alone, The Right PolicyWe insist!And All Workers, Students, Public Resisting on May 1, 2019Workers, Slums, Workers Our Poor People; He was in Taksim despite the terror of AKP Fascism!37 of 145 Detained People in Taksim are Popular Front! MAY 1st, WITH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS OF HISTORY AND CLASS, WITH OUR DEFENDENCE TO OUR MARTYRSIT'S OURS! WE...

On the 82nd Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

"Human; where there is no sea, in the name of hope, there must be a seagull“Nazim HikmetGrup Yorum is on the 82nd day of the hunger strike resistance. - Our institution should not be published- Concert bans should be lifted- Remove lists- Release the imprisoned Grup Yorum members- Let all the lawsuits filed against us be dropped,Hunger strike resistance with their demands inside and outsideprogress. Prisoner Grup Yorum members are on hunger strike;Bahar Kurt is on its 55th dayBaris Yuksel is on his 49th dayİbrahim Gökçek is on his 52nd dayHelin Bölek is on her 51st day.Outside, Grup Yorum members...