The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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On 13 MARCH, Halk Cepheliler Street Work was carried out in Kuruçeşme Neighborhood.

Most of the people in street work are in our neighborhood.They also voiced their complaints about drugs and corruption in general.In the folk narratives of drugs, prostitution, gambling, theft, disrespect.They also said that it was the AKP government where immorality increased the most.With our people, mainly the raids on our magazine and the members of Grup Yorum.attacks were discussed. In our study, 10yürüyüş magazine was delivered to the public.People's Front in Kuruçeşme on Tuesday, February 8-13Magazine in Yenimahalle, Merkez, Şenyurt and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods in Kıraç districtthey delivered to the public 45 magazines were distributed in the study.

First Day of July Diary and Detention

To set up our stands on Thursday, July 11We passed for. And collectively, Grup Yorum scarf, Özgür PrisonerWe prepared our tables with products and books. Our Grup Yorum apronsWe wore it and on it, "We are the People, We are Right, We Will Win, Grup Yorum is the People,We hung our placards with the words "Can't be silenced" on the back of our stands.A friend of ours went on a hunger strike to protest the ban on concerts.That's why there's also a "Hunger for Grup Yorum Concert Ban to be Lifted".We hung the blueprint "I'm on strike" where we are....

The Long March was in Mannheim

Today's Stop of the Long Walk was Mannheim.< p>Picnics, weddings, concerts, permission applications they have done and participated in... being "punished" for reasons that push the limits of reason, completely "coercive", with penalties that do not have an equivalent in their own laws and the constitution, as in any case. they did not succumb to the threats and blackmail of the session, for which they face "forced" sanctions. They have increased their ongoing resistance and continue to resist with the "Long March".Today, on April 20, 2021, leaflets were distributed and signatures were collected in the action that took place in...

Resistance Council: We Will Not Let You Kill Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse, suffering from cancer, spent 27 years of his 37 years in captivity under torture in solitary confinement in a cell. Although the tortures applied to him made Ali Osman Köse unable to stay in prison, he was not released and eventually a 9 cm cancer cell formed in his 12 cm left kidney. He was referred to the Forensic Medicine Institution many times as a result of the ownership and insistence of his lawyers and comrades, but decisions were made that he could "stay in prison" every time. The process operated in this way is...

Austrian Popular Front: Action in Front of the Greek Consulate in Vienna

MAKING REVOLUTIONARY IS NOT A CRIME, IT IS A HISTORICAL MISSION.On Saturday, July 31, a protest event was held in front of the Greek Embassy in Vienna for 11 Turkish Revolutionaries against Unlawful Punishments of up to 333 years. The German Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Front was loudly read and the demand for freedom was shouted with slogans in German thrown at 11 Turkish Marxist-Leninist revolutionary prisoners. US-EU imperialists, Fascism of Turkey and Greece and Marxist -They are attacking Leninist ideology and socialist ideas.They will never be able to subdue the tradition of free captivity.We make a note of history...