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A Call for Book Study from Grup Yorum

Where and how did you first listen to Grup Yorum?Where and how did you first meet with Grup Yorum?With Grup Yorum, you can write down all your memories and events that you have experienced and been affected by.we want you to send it to us.Our memories are our legacy. Memories keep us strongIt allows us to hold tight to our values. It is also a date. Come thisLet's write history together. We will publish this work into a book. In your souphave salt.Your memories, anim1985@gmail.comYou can send it to Group Comment

Resistance Assembly Long March 8th Day Frankfurt

As the German Resistance Assembly, we were in Frankfurt, Germany on the 8th day of the long march we started on Monday, April 12, with the demand that we want our right of residence back. We drew people's attention with songs, slogans, handing out leaflets and collecting signatures during the 2-hour protest held in the mall.Our Long Walk continues at full speed. We are waiting for everyone who supports our Resistance in Mannheim and its surroundings tomorrow at 17:00 in front of Mannheim Hauptbahnhof.Our Right of Residence Cannot Be Extorted! p>We will continue to expose the lawlessness of the German...

Freedom for Musa Aşoğlu Committee: Release Musa Asoğlu

The final hearing of the 3/2 case of revolutionary prisoner Musa Aşoğlu, who was imprisoned in the German state of Hamburg, was held on May 19th. He held a support action in front of the courthouse.The court committee that watched this hearing was the one who sentenced our comrade to 6 years and 9 months in prison three years ago for his political thoughts. ” and then they would put their own unlawfulness into practice. However, the only constant truth is; As MusaAşoğlu emphasized in the defense file he gave to the delegation, he did not give up his thoughts...