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We Share the Video Prepared by HFG-Workers with All Our People

We share the video we prepared as HFG-Workers on November 24, 2020 with all our people. In the video we have prepared, drug use places opened in Europe are mentioned. In order to legalize drugs, many policies are being produced slowly and insidiously to drug the youth, that is, to take over their brains. We are doing everything we can to save our youth from this situation by offering alternatives. We say the solution is in the People's Assemblies! We Are Not Desperate and Helpless!The Solution is in the People's Assemblies!HFG-Workers Germany p>

Stuttgart Folk Culture House Organized Traditional Summer Festival

Every year by Stuttgart People's Culture HouseThe traditional summer festival was held on Sunday, July 14 this year.Drum-zurna, a local music group, and Erdal from Turkey.Bayrakoglu also participated.Event starting at two o'clock,After the opening speech of the Stuttgart People's Assembly, halay dancesand continued with games organized for children. What Erdal Bayrakoglu saidMore than 200 participants attended the event, which ended with songs.

On the 540th Day of Turan Aktaş Resistance

Turan Aktaş continues his resistance in front of CHP Şişli Municipality. Turan Aktaş was detained by the CHP administration with torture because he wanted his job back, he was threatened, but he did not take a step back, he says that I will resist not only for myself but for the whole working class to continue my resistance against the bosses and these systems.In his statement of resistance today: “The CHP means your word of honor is valid from election to election. Another election comes, then we will remind you of your words of honor in the quarters”