The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Austrian Popular Front Description:

FactsYou Can't Detain, You Can't Silence the March Magazine!AKP bought dozens of newspapers, hundreds of juggle cornersit wasn't enough to put the writer on a salary. Attacking the revolutionary press to write the truthtrying to prevent. Ozan, where the technical works of the Walking Magazine were carried out.Publishing has been published dozens of times before, but it has been published without a day's delay.continued typing.Walking at noon on February 25 magazineprinted; Tahsin Sağaltı, Cemil Kurt, Turgut Onur and Necati Demirci torturedwas detained with Our comrades Tahsin, who were brought before the court today,The healer and Cemil Kurt were arrested. Walking...

HFG Workers Had a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart

HFG-Workers Gain a Neighborhood Interview in Stuttgart to Get People's Thoughts on DrugsOn November 19, 2020, three HFG-Workers conducted a neighborhood interview in StuttgartBad Cannstatt district.About Nov. We chatted with seven people. Five of the seven people did not want to be seen, but chatted with them about Drugs for five or ten minutes.Two people interviewed us in video form.While we were conducting the interview with one person, our surroundings started to smell of marijuana and this was the case. also showed us once again how far drugs have spread and how big of a problem it is. Drugs, Alcohol...

Council of Resistances in Magdeburg on the 5th Day of the Long March

on the 5th day of our Long WalkWe were in Magdeburg, Germany today. Our supporters thereextremely warmly welcomed and final preparations for actioncompleted together. It started at 14.00 and was extremely successful.During the action, halay dances were performed to the accompaniment of Grup Yorum folk songs, hundreds of statements were made.distributed and dozens of signatures were collected against the usurpation of our right of residence.Our struggle for our right of residence in the speeches made during the protestand the racist and fascist policies of the German state were exposed.

Yuksel Resistance 1665. Day Noon Statement

Cemal Öksüz made the 1665th Day Noon statement of the High Resistance, under the rain, at the human rights monument. we are calling on our people to embrace the Yüksel Resistance members Alev Şahin and Mehmet Dersulu.” Even if prosecutors come together and draw up a report, no one can change this fact: Decrees are illegal!"