The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Ankara People’s Front Writing and Poster Work

Ankara Halk Cepheliler Misket Mahallesi, Natoyolu Caddesi Tuzluçayır Dört Yola and Tuzluçayır Abidin Aktaş Street .“Group Comment is the People, It Can't Be Silenced!” “People's Lawyers Are Our Honor!” “People's Voice Marching Magazine Can't Be Silenced!” “Pressures Can't Intimidate Us!” He made posters and writing works signed by the People's Front. A total of 8 posters were hung.Ankara People's Front

HFG-Workers presented the poem he wrote during the Production Hour to all Revolution Martyrs

On November 18, during the production time, HFG-Workers write a poem and present it to all martyrs of the revolution and share it with our people in the form of a video. With this poem, we salute and commemorate those who resist, walk to death without hesitation, and write history.We once again explained how legitimate resistance is and how it is a necessity, with our poems. All Martyrs of the Revolution Are Immortal! We Will Win by Resisting! Victory Belongs to Those Who Resist! p>

Evvel July Grup Yorum Concert Diaries in Hatay

We started the preparations for our concert on July 16 days in advance. We decorated many neighborhoods of Antakya and Samandağ with our posters. We have put out 4000 posters in Tomruksuyu, Yaylıca, Samandağ center, Tekebaşı, Çöğürlü, Sutaşı, Değirmenbaşı, Aknehir, Yeşilyazı, Cavecık, Kurtderesi, DenizAlanı, Antakya center, Değirmenyolu, Harbiye, Gümüşgöze, Yeşilpınar, Saman. We hung it on our walls in Armutlu, Sümerler, Aşağıokçular, Yukarıokçular, Samandağ road, Ekinci, Kuzeytepe, Dikmece, Serinyol and Çekmece regions. As the posters we hung were torn up at night by the cops, cowardly and secretly, we were hanging more and more. We distributed 5000 papers that we printed...

They shot a video for Ali Osman Köse from Europe Giant-Genç

Europe Giant-Young,Ali, a sick prisoner kept in isolation in the cells of fascism for 37 yearsThey shot the videos they wanted freedom for Osman Köse. Although he has cancerAli Osman, who received the report "May be in prison" in the Forensic Medicine InstituteWe want freedom for Köse.ALİ OSMAN KÖSE IS OUR HONOR !LIBERTY FOR ALI OSMAN KÖSE!FREE TO PATIENT PRISONERS!

Eskişehir Dev-Young: Free Prisoners Cannot Be Taken

Our Free PrisonersResistance to Surrender Keeps the Tradition of Not Bowing to OppressionAhead! Resisting Pressures, Threats The tradition of Free Captivity is a tradition that has never bowed to the usurpation of rights throughout history, and that resists for its freedom under conditions of captivity. From past to present, our free prisoners are being tried to be surrendered through oppression, violence and massacres. The imposition of "Single dress" in 1984, The imposition of "Coffin Holder" in 1996, The imposition of "Type F" in 2000,"Injustice" was imposed in 2020but on the basis of all of this, our Free Prisoners were tried...

Public School 90th issue is out

ECHR'S İNYALANI:“EbruTimtik and Aytaç Ünsal voluntarily risked their lives” REALITY: Justice Fighter Who Deprived People's Lawyers of their Right to a Fair Trial, Unjustly Sentenced to 159 Years, Forced to Perform a Death Fast It is AKP's Fascism and Imperialism that Murdered EbruTimtik and Crippled Aytaç Ünsal by Depriving her of her Right to Treatment!The Purpose of the ECtHR is to Justify the Crime of MassacreEuropean Democracy is a Big Lie, They are Responsible for its Exploitation and Injustices!School90 . Click to Download the Issue...Click to Reach All Issues of the Public School...Owner and Responsible Editor: İrfan YILMAZAddress: Hobyar Mah....