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Nancy Popular Front Description

Torturers, Looters, Cowards!They're afraid, they don't want people's artThey are afraid of those who do. From the revolutionary press, from writing the truth to the publicthey are afraid you are right to be afraid, we will magnify your fears, your fearsit will be your grave!First Walking Magazine,Then they raided our İdil Cultural Center, the murderous, abusive police of the AKP. FirstThis is not your raid! You raided İdil Cultural Center six times in the last two years andYou have printed the Marching Magazine many times, destroying and plundering it in each raid.Your plundering, breaking,We will restore our institutions that you...

Germany HFG: Who We Are

From Germany HFG- Center Against Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling: We share our first video with youMurat Durmaz; Who Are We?On November 17, 2020, HFG-Worker Murat Durmaz made a video on who Hasan Ferit Gedik is, how our Center was opened in Turkey and Germany, how many people were treated in total, and the importance of the People's Assembly. He made a call to the families by telling them.And once again; We say “We are not hopeless and helpless” and invite all of our people to the People's Assemblies to fight against Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling. Young People Are Our Future!<...

Grup Yorum Members on the 58th Day of the Hunger Strike

The hunger strike will continue until their group Comment demands are accepted.Prisoner Grup Yorum members are on an indefinite hunger strike:Bahar Wolf: on its 34th dayBarış Yüksel: On its 27th dayİbrahim Gökçek: On his 27th dayHelin Bölek: on her 26th dayLet's support Grup Yorum members, write letters, and announce their demands everywhere. They were arrested while they were performing the art of the people. Let's protect them too. Let's go support İdil Cultural Center.

Resistance Assembly Long March: Action in Front of Berlin Interior Ministers

Log in as Düsseldorf Resistance Tent InsurgentsOn the 4th day of the long march we started to claim our rights, the Berlin Ministry of Internal Affairswe were in front of you. We carried out our action accompanied by folk songs, marches and slogans. 2 timesWe finished the 4th day of the long walk by reading our papers. Tomorrow (April 16)2021) We are in Magdeburg. We call on all our people to embrace it.Return Our Right of Session Immediately!Our Right of Session Cannot Be Extorted!

Youth Statement We Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

A resistance that has been going on for more than 450 days in Hatay. His children have been resisting for hundreds of days so that his mother's murderers are brought to trial. Mothers resisting for their children in Urfa Sons resisting for their mothers in Hatay. Our people, who have suffered injustice all over our country, are resisting. The end of this resistance is victory. We know the certainty of victory from our century-old history tomorrow. The end of the resistance of our people, who do not give up on demanding justice no matter what the circumstances, and shout about...