The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Samsun Giant Young Description

Noon todayDuring the hours, technical works of the Walking Journal in Gazi Mahallesi were carried out.The Ozan Publishing office was raided by the murderous police of the AKP. Whatyou can't mute the Walking Journal no matter what you do. With raids, attacks,Prohibitions, detentions and arrests, the facts of the Walk Magazine to the publicYou cannot prevent it from reaching.WalkMagazine is Our Honor!Sound of HopeCannot be silenced!SamsunGiant Youngspan>b>

Grup Yorum Gave a Conversation in İkitelli

Group CommentHe gave an interview at İkitelli on the evening of 14 July. In the interview, Grup Yorum's hungerFrom the strike, from the demands, what did the people of İkitelli do for Comment?We talked about what we can do, about revolutionary art. Interview question and answercontinued as. Finally, Grup Yorum sang folk songs and our halayswithdrew.Group CommentThe People Can't Be Silenced!HurrayOur Hunger Strike Resistance!IkitelliGrup Comment Volunteers

Police Terror under GBT Control in Okmeydanı Neighborhood

Your Tactics Let the People of Okmeydanı Stop, Trot!There Was GBT Terrorism Again and Again in Our Neighborhood.AKP fascism is increasing its pressure and difficult activities on our district. It carries out the 'public security checks', which they carried out routinely twice a month, almost every day.On Monday, May 31, approximately 40 vehicles, including armored civilians, entered our district to carry out terrorist acts. We love the eye of fear.The Consequences of the Crisis of Governance and the Baron State's Mind.The AKP fascism wants to kill two birds with one stone with its terrorist acts with an 'overcrowded' convoy, which...