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Hatay People’s Front March Journal Description

As casinos, drug dealers and prostitution are paved;journalists, intellectuals, artists, deputies, lawyerswhile arresting; the voice of the people while banning books, newspapers, concertsThe reprinting of the marching magazine AKP by the police again and againOnce again and again, the desperation of the oppressive regime in Turkey.showed.They are helpless and attacking desperately. of the peopleYou cannot finish the traditions of the people, the intellectuals of the people, the artists of the people.You will not be able to take over by arresting them, and you will not be able to silence the people's voice, the Walking Journal.Walking Journal of labor, martyrs of...

Germany Celebrates the 4th Year of the Giant-Young Yuksel Resistance

The Ascended Resistanceists have been resisting for 4 years for their work and honor. They make statements on Yüksel Street in front of Ankara human rights twice a day. They are driven away each time by torture, without even putting on their aprons and even opening their banners. They have been detained many times. Now they have been arrested on the grounds of intense action. They arrested the insurgents, but the rise did not end the resistance. Friends and supporters of the insurgents continue the protests.And we invite everyone to write a letter to the imprisoned insurgents. The Insurgents of...

Meeting with Member of Parliament Ulla Jelpke in Berlin at the Long March of the Resistance Council

At 13:00 on Thursday, April 15th, Deniz Yıldız and Dila Eroğlu-Şahin met with Left party MP Ulla Jelpke. Documents stating the reason for session cancellations were shown and a photocopy was given. Jelpke said he would transfer them to his party's legal department and ask what they could do. He emphasized that such an issue should definitely be brought to the media. He asked for a phone number, said he would inform us if there was any development. Taking away our right of residence is completely usurpation of rights.Return Our Right of Residence Immediately! b>Our Login Right Cannot Be Extorted!

Yuksel Resistance 1663. Day Evening Statement

1663. Cemal Öksüz made his statement in the evening.The leader of the organized crime organization is revealing all the dirty laundry. We have been saying this here for 1663 days. That's why we are imprisoned, detained, tortured. When we say these things, the power is disturbed. We say we will continue to bother. Freedom to the Supreme Resistance!Long Live Yuksel Resistance!We Want Our Jobs Back, We Will Get It!