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Police Raid on Walking Magazine in Gazi Neighborhood!

People's LawAccording to the post made by his office, “Yürüyüş Magazine took about half an hour.the information that the police blockade continuedgiven.Your operations,Your raids cannot prevent our just and historical struggle. Place our buildingsIf you do, we will continue to deliver our magazine to our people. Yürüyüş magazine is in the public.It's the sound of it, it's not just a building, you won't be able to finish us!As we get information about the operation, we will continue to share it with you.WalkMagazine Can't Be Silenced!DamnLong Live Our Struggle for Fascism!DetentionsArrests and Pressures Can't Intimidate Us!

Police Raid on Ankara İdilcan Cultural Center

12.07.2019At around 16.00 Ankara İdilcan Kültür by the Police of the AKP with Bloody HandsOur Center Has Been Raided Once Again. Time: The Killer of the AKP Entering at 16.00Police raided İdilcan Cultural Center until 08:30. İdilcanGiving Eyes to the People with Long Barrel Guns on the Street where the Cultural Center isHe has worked. Agile To Places Where Our Neighborhood Is Very Busy At NoonIt was blockaded by the Force Police and Special Operations Police.Pictures of AKP's Murderer Police Martyrs. freeThey stole the cartoons and letters made by our prisoners in the Walking Magazine and the Attitude Magazine. StormThey...

German Resistance Assembly Met with Deputy Andrej Hunko on the 4th Day of the Long March

At 17:30 on Thursday, April 15 in Berlin, the left partyInterviewed with MP Andrej Hunko. He is very knowledgeable about it.Although he was not there, he listened to us and met with Ulla Jelpke on this subject.He said they would come and talk. In addition, İlker Şahin and Deniz Yıldızto meet with their lawyers and discuss what more can be done in terms of law.He said he wanted to do it. Andrej Hunko or given the file.Return Our Right of Session Immediately!Our Right of Session Cannot Be Extorted!

Europe Giant-Young: We Are Subject to Detention, Torture and Dishonest Search Because We Are Foreigners

On Saturday, May 29, we were checked by two German police at the train station in Düsseldorf, Germany. When we asked why they wanted our IDs, they said routine control, they said that it was remarkable that we were wearing the same bag... Later, they claimed that there was a problem with a friend's ID and said that they would take us (3 young people) to the branch. They stated that they would call us from the bags at the branch. Of course, we still couldn't find out why we were taken and what was the problem.While our inner female...