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Magazine Distribution in Adana

15 people's voices marching in Adana Akkapı neighborhoodmagazine was distributed. People for whom the remedy is not in the elections during the distributionIt was mentioned that by organizing in their assemblies, solutions to our problems would be found.Adana Popular Front

Germany Giant-Young: Raids Arrests Can’t Intimidate Us

Detentions, Arrests and Pressures cannot intimidate us! We are not 120, we are millions! We made our voice heard at Stuttgart Rotebühlplatz. A total of 120 people were detained after the operation on 28th and 29th October. 34 of them were arrested. The AKP-Government is still openly showing its fear against Grup Yorum, against the people. For 35 years, they have not been able to destroy Grup Yorum, the people's artists, against all oppression, arrests and torture. Grup Yorum won a political victory against these oppressions and tortures and achieved a great victory. An attack was made not only against...

On the 56th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

The members of Grup Yorum continue their resistance at the İdil Cultural Center on the 56th day of the hunger strike.Hunger until the Grup Yorum demands are accepted. Prisoner Grup Yorum members are on an indefinite hunger strike:Bahar Kurt: on its 32nd dayBaris Yuksel: on its 25th day< div>İbrahim Gökçek: on its 25th dayHelin Bölek on its 24th dayLet's support the members of Grup Yorum, write letters and announce their demands everywhere. They were arrested while they were the people's artist. Let's protect them too. Let's support İdil Cultural Center.

From the 3rd Day of the Resistance Assembly Long March

We were in Berlin, Red Square on the 3rd day of the long march we started as the Düsseldorf Resistance Tent Insurgents to get our right of residence. We performed our action accompanied by folk songs and marches. We also distributed our leaflets to the surrounding people about why our right of residence was usurped. We finished the 3rd day of our long walk with our halay. Tomorrow (15 April 2021) we are in Berlin again. We call on all of our people to take ownership.Return Our Right to Residence Immediately!< /p>Our Login Right Cannot Be Extorted!

European Giant-Young: Ali Osman Köse Is Our Honor

Ali Osman Köse has been imprisoned for 37 years because he has been a revolutionary. He is imprisoned for defending a legitimate and just struggle.Today, May 31, 2021, he won the right to be treated and had surgery. Fascism tried its best to murder him. But Ali Osman Abi was always after resistance, never attempting to surrender. According to the information we obtained, the surgery was also successful. In other words, the policies of the fascist AKP government to murder our brother Ali Osman Köse have all come to naught. However, according to the information obtained from another doctor, he...