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Walking Magazine 100 Issue Voiceovers Are On Air

We share the voiceovers of the 100th issue of our March Against Imperialism and Oligarchy.PDF of our journal strong> You can download and read it from our page.Our Journal To listen, share or download the 100th issue of SESLI dated January 6, 2019, collectively or separately CLICK. a>To listen, download and share the voice-overs of all issues of our journal can visit our address.Best RegardsYürüyüş Magazine Workers

Support from European Giant-Youths to Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

Started by Group CommentIn order to support the indefinite hunger strike, we, as the European Giant-Youth, 9We were on a 1-day support hunger strike on Tuesday, July.Group Comment requests are oursare also our demands! Group Comment is People, GroupWe are the comment!Remove Lists!Prisoned members immediatelybe released! Concert bansremove it!Don't let our institution print!European Dev-Young iframe>

Our Long Walk From Hamburg to Berlin

After the two-day Hamburg Programme. Our Long Walk is on its way to Berlin.Berlin Programme: We will make our posters on the streets of Berlin on Wednesday, April 14th. We'll go around the media outlets. On Thursday, April 15:At 13.00 Left party MP Ulla Jelpke will be discussed. At 17.00, a meeting will be held with Left Party Deputy European Parliament spokesman Andej Hunko. We want our right back meeting will be held in front of the Berlin ministry of interior between 13.00 and 15.00. German Resistance Council

Free Prisoners of Greece: We Do Not Accept the Arbitrary Practices of Koridallos Prison Administration and Doctor

Hazal Seçer, one of the Free Prisoners of Greece, who is in Koridallos Women's Prison, went to the doctor at the end of this month to have the medicine prescribed, which she regularly uses every month. And the doctor said to the free prisoner Hazal Seçer (I won't write now, I know when I will, don't bargain with me) and then he cursed and raised his hand to hit him. As a result of the arbitrary practice of cursing and raising his hand, the dermatologist of Koridallos prison (Murathanyan Sanvel) said Hazal Seçer (if you are a doctor, your duty...

New Poetry “Inevitable” by the Revolutionary Poet Halil Demir, One of the Free Prisoners of Greece

InevitableThe river of time is flowingBy tasting the bitter water of humanityIt has been a dark age< p>In the claws of the capitalist beastThe world is getting pollutedYour greedy colonizerHe is voraciousStealing the blood of man It eats man's fleshDestroys man's soulAnd sells tribute and auctionGilded false hopeTelevision, newspaper Author, illustrator, announcerHe processes lies to the brainsHe says you winThe world of opportunities is this worldThere is a near corner to turn the corner Play, win, lottery, lotteryTry your luck at roulette, pokerOr sell marijuana, heroin, cocaineMore thereMarket your meat, sell your soulLet the deceased dieLet those who cannot find...