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Çayan Public Garden Sealed

Grup Yorum, which will take place in Çayan Mahallesi this evening,The Çayan Public Garden, where the concert will be held, was taken by the murderous police of the AKP.has been sealed. The AKP government suppressed the resistance of Grup Yorum with pressures and bans.will not prevent. We do not recognize your seals and prohibitionsGroup Comment'The People Cannot Be Silenced!

We are in front of the Cologne Court for our Right of Residence on April 23

Fighting racism is not a crime, it is a dutyTo be against corruption is a duty, not a crime. Organizing a Group Comment concert is an honor, not a crimeTo express our condolences is not a crime, it is the value of our people. Taking meat on a picnic is not a crime, it's sharing, it's friendship.If all these are crimes, we will continue to commit this crime.We want our Session Rights BackWe have brought all our people to İlker Şahin's right of residence Courtwe call.Action Time: 10:30Location: Cologne AmtsgerichtLuxemburger Straße 101, 50939 CologneDuisburg Committee We Want Justice

Turan Aktaş Continues His Resistance for 542 Days

The CHP, which works to get the votes of the workers with left-wing rhetoric and to tame their anger towards the order, always continues to show worker hostility. There are many examples for this, theoretically and practically. When we evaluate the CHP, we do not need to go into very deep ideological analysis, we can say in the final analysis that the CHP is a party of the bourgeois opposition and acts on the point of common interests with the bourgeoisie. Let's look at what they did. CHP management fired Turan Aktaş because Turan Aktaş got what he deserved. Turan...

Walking Magazine Issue 109 Voiceovers Are On Air

To imperialismand voiceovers of the 109th issue of our March Against Oligarchy Magazine.we share.Download the PDF from our www.yuruyus-info.orgyou can download, read.Our magazine 109th issue dated 10 March 2019 SESLIto listen, share or download collectively or separatelyCLICK HERE.To listen, download, share the text voiceovers of all issues our addressYou can visit.Respectand Best RegardsWalkMagazine Workers

Dortmund Grup Yorum Volunteers; Support Information Stand for Grup Yorum

Grup Yorum is Us Grup Yorum is the People, so never commentthey won't be able to silence their song. Hunger as Grup Yorum VolunteersTo make the voice of Grup Yorum members on strike be heard by the people of DortmundWe are opening an information stand. At the same time, Solidarity with the People's AdvocatesAs the committee, we will want freedom to defend.People's Advocates and Freedom of Group Commentary JusticeWe want it!Place: Platz Rostow am DonDate: Friday, July 20Time: 18.00-20.00

Dev-Genç: We Want Justice for Edibe Özçelik

An ongoing resistance in Hatay for more than 450 days. Her sons have been resisting for hundreds of days so that their mother's murderers are prosecuted. Mothers who resist for their children in Urfa. Our people, who have been subjected to injustice all over our country, are resisting. The end of these resistances is victory. We know the certainty of victory from our centuries-old history tomorrow. The end of the resistance of our people, who do not give up on demanding justice no matter what the circumstances, go out to the streets and shout about injustice, by risking all the...