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Council of Resistances: Yuksel Resistance Cannot Be Imprisoned

The Insurgents Have Been Judgment In Your Courts That Enforce Injustice!We Will Never Give Up Our Demand For Justice!The AKP government, which used the coup attempt that took place in our country on July 15 after its conflicts of interest, declared a state of emergency. He made an attempt to liquidate the revolutionary-democratic public workers at the first opportunity. 140 thousand public workers were expelled during this process, and their efforts for years were ignored overnight. There were also public workers who did not accept this process silently. They started a resistance against this lawlessness in Ankara Yüksel Street. They...

Public Workers’ Front: Your Arrests Cannot Intimidate Us

Revolutionary Public Workers Haven't Been Silent Against Your Unjust Order, Neither Yesterday nor Today, They Will Not Be Silent!We Resisted for the Rights of Public Workers, We Will Continue to Resist! On June 4, 2012, the 6th hearing of the Yüksel Resistance Movement took place. Architect Alev Şahin and Teacher Mehmet Dersulu, who were imprisoned in this session, were released. The students of ElmasYalçıns, Ayşenur Şimşeks, Satıları and Makbule have given hope to 140,000 public workers and the peoples of Turkey. They built a barricade in the heart of the oligarchy against the desire to legalize fascism. They told us...

Walking Magazine Distributed in Altınşehir

AltinsehirWalking Magazine was distributed on Tuesday, April 16 in Şahintepe District. oneThe current country agenda to the public in the magazine distribution work carried out by Halk CepheliThere were conversations over it, the problems of the neighborhood were discussed.AlsoKemal Delen, who was martyred by the gangs while fighting against corruptionThe public will be held at Ikitelli Yıldız Wedding Hall on Sunday, April 21, forAn invitation was made to participate in the festival. In total, 30 magazines were delivered to the public.Altınşehir Popular Front < /span>

19-22 December Massacre in Cologne Protested

On the anniversary of the 19-22 December massacre in Cologne, the 19-22 December massacre was protested and the martyrs of the great death fast resistance were commemorated. and continued with speeches in Turkish and German describing the resistances.In the commemoration, which continued with slogans and Group Commentary Anthems, many banners describing the Maraş, 19-22 December and Roboski massacres were carried. The Martyrs of December 19-22 Are Immortal We Will Ask the Account of the December 19-22 Massacre