The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Okmeydanı People’s Assembly Statement: Deniz Poyraz’s Killer is the Fascist AKP Government

With the confession of a rat coming out of a sewer system, AKP fascism, whose failure to rule became more evident, is making its militias attack the people. He wants to overcome his crisis by organizing provocations and organizing political murders.At noon on Thursday, June 17, an AKP militia entered the İzmir HDP provincial presidency and killed a party employee named Deniz Poyraz, who was inside. The target is a whole people! Just as it attaches the terrorist label and attacks, has it detained and arrested, regardless of the political views of those who make the slightest noise against it....

Wall Newspapers in Bahçelievler

Bahçelievler People's Front hung wall newspapers in the neighborhood about the issues on its policy agenda.Forest fires, floods, poverty and the pressures on the Public School magazine were discussed in the wall newspapers.The source of the problems, imperialism. and a call to fight against AKP fascism.