The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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214th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger

“And I can fight…
I find right,
I find right,
I find beautiful
For everything and everyone.”
The resistance of Grup Yorum members continues, they set an example for us with their hunger and show that everyone should do something for Grup Yorum.
We will be the voice of Grup Yorum. We will be the hope in their left breast in captivity. We will fight for the free days offered by Grup Yorum to the peoples and to us, and together we will build the future together.
Let’s be a voice for Grup Yorum and increase our resistance
Hunger Strike Days of Captive Grup Yorum Members;
Helin Bölek:178
Ibrahim Gokcek: 181
Baris Yuksel;182
Bahar Kurt;187
Ali Tool: 113
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