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3rd and 4th Day Diaries of The Last July

By going to the festival area on 13 and 14 JulyWe opened our tables. We hung our banners. The police again surrounded the area where the stands were.blockaded, he was there to intimidate the people with his TOMAs and shields.To call for the Grup Yorum concert in front of the police all day that day.We distributed hundreds of leaflets. We had agitations. Although the police harassedAs a result of the support of the people, he could not attempt to be detained. Selling all dayWe fought enthusiastically to protect our position by dancing dances. the last of the festivalPınar Aydınlar, who came to the concert on the day of the concert, took the stage “Grup Yorum to cancel the concert ban.condemned the group, that Grup Yorum is the people’s artist and thatThey will not be silent with their policies,” he said. Then to the mountainsShe supported Grup Yorum by singing the songs of Mrs. Gel-Gündoğdu-Le.Since the songs started to be sung, halay dances were performed with enthusiasm andThe slogans “GROUP COMMENT IS THE PEOPLE, CANNOT BE SILENCED” were chanted. Thereupon, quicklyThe cops gathered. Tear gas-shields and batons to prepare for attack.they started. However, due to the intense ownership of our stands by the public.they did not dare to attack from the source. Friendly institutions on the last day of the festivalThey held a march against sexual abuse of children. usWe showed solidarity by participating in this march. Sometime, the cops came to our book stand.They wanted to come and harass you. To them these books are for sale to themthat the enemies of the people cannot even touch them, thatthat they intend to come and cause unrest and an incident, immediately from hereWe told them to go away or we would shout to expose them. ThisThe police then left the area without further discussion. Group on the last day of the festivalComment members appeared on Radyo Melodi and gave an interview and performed at the concert.found.
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