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Action in front of Turkish Consulate in Stuttgart for Seher, Sevcan and Betül from Germany Dev-Genç

An Action was held for Seher Adıgüzel, Sevcan Adıgüzel and Betül Varan on Friday, 09 April at 15:00. The police, who threatened to take our music boxing away from us, used the discomfort of the Stuttgart Consulate General employees as a reason. This is our success. We will continue to go to the Stuttgart Consulate. During the protest that lasted for about 1 hour, slogans such as “Freedom for Seher Sevcan Betül”, “Making a Revolution is Not a Crime”, “Grup Yorum is the People Can’t Be Silenced” were chanted, a German statement was read, and Grup Yorum anthems and folk songs were played.

Seher, Sevcan and Betül We will take it away from fascism!

Giant-Young Germany

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