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Action was held in front of the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam in the Netherlands for the European 3’s

They were born in Europe, grew up, returned to their homeland and stood by the people who were oppressed against injustice and injustice.

They sang the song and played the saz. They demanded justice for Berkin Elvan and Dilek Doğan.

Demanding justice for Berkin Elvan was considered a crime, they gave 6 years.

Singing Turkish and playing the saz was considered a crime.

They tried to intimidate them with detentions, torture and captivity.

We together demanded justice and freedom for these young people in front of the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam on Saturday, April 3, 2021, at 13.00.

< p>Free Betül, Seher and Sevcan Immediately!

Making a Revolution Is Not a Crime!

Netherlands Popular Front

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