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Ali Osman Köse’s Right to Health cannot be taken away

Ali Osman Köse has been resisting in the prisons of fascism for 38 years. Despite being a cancer patient and unable to walk alone without holding on to the wall, he is still not evacuated.

AKP wants to murder Ali Osman Köse and many sick prisoners like him in prisons. We will not allow this

We will not allow it.

Ali Osman Köse has become one of the names of revolutionary justice in these lands and held those who shed blood

to account. It has added new rings to the tradition of free captivity under isolation conditions, and has had a prison life that does not bow to isolation

. Here are the attacks of fascism, before Ali Osman Köse

the unyielding and unbiased revolutionary line.

To embrace Ali Osman Köse for the youth means to embrace revolutionary justice in the face of those who care for their future

It means!

Let Ali Osman Köse be Released Immediately!

Let’s Call the Forensic Medicine Institute and ask, “Do you want to murder Ali Osman Köse?

Why are you usurping a prisoner’s right to health?”

Let’s be in front of the Çağlayan Courthouse every Wednesday at 12:00, by participating in the Press Release

Ali Osman Köse’ Let’s be the voice of the voice!


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