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Anti-Corona Turkish Folk Song Night in Belgium!

In Belgium, on Saturday, February 27, in order not to surrender to Corona conditionswas broadcast live. Published on the Facebook page of the Belgian People’s Agendato the folk song night Tanar Çatalpınar, Nazmi Durak, Ünal Yıldırım, KemalBroken AndPeople’s Choir of Greece joined.

The program is the day before (26 February) Hasan Hüseyin Korkmazgil’s death anniversary.It started with the poem ‘We Made the Pain Honey’. Then Kemal Kırık with his saz and folk songsjoined the program. Afterwards, Corona conditions in our country and in the worldtalked about. Almost all of the world’s governments are isolating the people andagainst the Corona Virus, which it uses as a tool to socializeTürkü Night continued with Nazmi Durak’s Kanun concert. Then TanarÇatalpınar participated in the program with his harmonica, drums and guitar. Unal YildirimHe delivered his folk songs to his audience via live link. At the end of the programThe Greek Folk Choir sang folk songs. At the end of the program, corona conditionson non-surrender, rejection of isolation policiesmessages have been given.

Against the isolation of people and people using the Corona epidemicThese kinds of nights are of great importance. In our country, we have an average of 65 nights a week.person commits suicide. The people imprisoned in their homes are consciously aware of the fear of front of the television screens where they were raised,While they are condemned to serials and programs, people take something from themselves.they find these nights.

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