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Anyone can become a member of Grup Yorum from TAVIR Broadcasts

Book Title: Anyone Can Become a Member of Grup Yorum Edited by Umut Gültekin Publisher: Tavır PublicationsPrint Date: August-2021

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First, Helin and İbrahim, the seven notes I would like to start by saluting their commandersAnyone can become a member of Grup Yorum from TAVIR Broadcasts




This book is their It was written to help us shape our common emotional and spiritual form, describing our common ideological and political unity after the resistance. We learned to be ordinary from them and to be a soldier when it was our turn.

Yes, ordinary but never by becoming ordinary. Coming from the public requires this humility. Like Helin and İbrahim, we will not be content with what we hear with our ears and what we see with our eyes. We will learn to transcend ourselves, we will learn to understand what we hear, to search and question what we see.

We will not accept everything as it is. We will enlarge the beautiful and correct the wrong. We will never leave the flag we took over from them on the ground. We will fulfill our promise of album first, then concert. In our book, we wrote about our claim to enlarge Grup Yorum and the public relations of Grup Yorum. The public relations of Grup Yorum are from its understanding of art. GrupYorum are people’s artists, consisting of folk children.

The inseparable ties with the people are also due to the fact that they are people. Halk Grup Yorum did not embrace it for making good music. People have embraced Grup Yorum because of their creation and the content of their songs

. This is how

develops in Kopmaz vineyards. It is not a spontaneous situation. In protests, strikes, prisons, rallies, demonstrations, in the language of everyone seeking rights. We say that art belongs to the people and only the children of the people can make art. Apart from that, we have covered how we handle certain important concepts. WE SAID EVERYONE CAN BE A GROUP COMMENT.

Yes, anyone can be a member of Grup Yorum because Grup Yorum

is the public. It is enough to want and be antifascist. We wrote about this fact and how we thought about many things, we wrote about how we produced and how we struggled. We wrote who we are fighting against. We wrote why we were fighting. We have discussed many issues that we find important. There were some things we missed, but these were the concepts we gave priority to. First, we wanted to write what we think about these points and to agree with our readers and Grup Yorum listeners.

Our revolution march continues. With the flag in our hands, slogans and marches in our languages, we continue walking towards the sunrise. In the first rays of the sun to the mountains, we will greet those who fell to the ground for this reason, and the festivals will be ours..

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