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Austrian Popular Front Description:

FactsYou Can’t Detain, You Can’t Silence the March Magazine!
AKP bought dozens of newspapers, hundreds of juggle cornersit wasn’t enough to put the writer on a salary. Attacking the revolutionary press to write the truthtrying to prevent. Ozan, where the technical works of the Walking Magazine were carried out.Publishing has been published dozens of times before, but it has been published without a day’s delay.continued typing.
Walking at noon on February 25 magazineprinted; Tahsin Sağaltı, Cemil Kurt, Turgut Onur and Necati Demirci torturedwas detained with Our comrades Tahsin, who were brought before the court today,The healer and Cemil Kurt were arrested. Walking Magazine roots 30 MarchFrom the roof of the adobe house in Kızıldere in 1972, ‘We are not trying to come back here, but to die.we came!’ says Mahir. The line it has maintained for years is in Kızıldereis the line of the tradition of non-surrender initiated.
Walk magazine at least every year being attacked twiceAnd it’s being plundered, so why? Because Walking Magazine gives hope to the lands of Turkey.sowing. Bringing the facts to the public. Walking magazine is our food, breathis our pipe. With television series, football matches, magazine press,that keeps us strong in our lives surrounded by advertisements and all kinds of lies,What keeps us hopeful is what we learned from Walking Magazine.
Tens of thousands of Walking Magazine for thousands of yearsit reaches the public with the revolutionary going door to door. From his writings to his distributionWalking Magazine, which exhibits the best examples of collectivism as well as itsYou will not be able to prevent its readers with raids and arrests. Truths,He will reach us no matter what he does through the sea of ​​lies that you have created. this muchNeither those before you had the power to prevent it, nor your power.
Now realize that whatever you do is futile , pull bloodyyour dirty hands from the voice of the people WALK… OThe Walk Never Stopped, Will Never Stop… Find out now…
And of course these people also have a He has justice… He is dirty, bloodyYou will be held accountable for your hands and tortures… Get ready for those…
We are also in our homeland in Europe public the factswe will continue to deliver!
Sound of TruthWalking Magazine Can’t Be Silenced!
Our comradesLet Tahsin Treatment and Cemil Kurt be released!
Detentions,Arrests Can’t Intimidate Us!
Down with Fascism,Long Live Our Struggle!
Austrian FolkFront
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