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Public School Magazine Workers Visited Mustafa Koçak’s Family

People's School Magazine workersOn 19.08.2020, the martyr of the death fast resistance, Justice Warrior MustafaHe visited Koçak's family. Talking about Mustafa's resistance and victoryAt the same time, the ongoing public's lawyers and free prisonersThe death fast resistance was also discussed. At the agreed visit to see you againIt was promised that Mustafa Koçak would be held accountable.

Belgian Committee of Solidarity with the Resistance: What is Erdal Gökoğlu’s fault?

We Asked the Belgian Ministry of Justice: What's wrong with Erdal Gökoğlu? Why is he in prison?We held a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Erdal Gökoğlu, who was extradited to Belgium for 4 months, is still in prison. While Erdal Gökoğlu, who should have been in prison according to the Belgian execution law, should have been released already, the early release procedure is still not being carried out by saying "his file is being examined".We continued our actions every Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Justice on 5 May. With...

We Hang Wall Newspapers for Turan Aktaş

GIANT-YOU PEOPLE In front of Şişli Municipality, newspapers hung wall newspapers demanding the reinstatement of Turanwho has been resisting for his job, bread and honor for more than 600 days! Turan AKTAŞ is the voice of all dismissed workers and should be reinstated. Muammer KESKİN is an enemy of the workers!Get Turan Aktaş Back to Work!Victory Will Be the Resisting Worker!Giant-Young

Fifth Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – About Recent Events in Cuba

American Imperialism Continues Its Dirty Provocations!Cuban People and State Are One of the Strongholds of Anti-Imperialism and Socialism! The Hands Reaching for Cuba Will Break the People of the World!The Murderer USA, Remove Its Hands from Cuba Immediately!With the day of July 11, 2021, the imperialist press in Cuba highlighted as the “Cuban spring” in the news. Mass demonstrations began. The provocateur agents, commissioned and financed by the US imperialism, organized "actions", the content of which was counter-revolutionary, and consisted entirely of stigma, with slogans such as "death to communist dogs" and "death to communism", using the increasing poverty and...

Europe Giant-Young Collected Books Read

On August 26, 2021, as European Giant-Youth, we read a book for 1 hour between 11.00-12.00. Our Book Reading program is between 11:00-12:00 daily. We also declare Fridays as reading days. We can inform our people by improving ourselves. For this, let's spend at least half an hour of our day reading books!Let's be armed with knowledge!

İbrahim Gökçek Memorials in Stuttgart, Germany

Today, commemorations were held in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, for İBRAHİM GÖKÇEK, the commander of the 7 Notes, the star heart of the peoples of the world. We bow respectfully before the memory of GrupYorum member İbrahim Gökçek. House Commemorations and Street Commemorations will continue in the coming days.İbrahim Gökçek is Immortal!

Grup Yorum Interview and Comments from Russia

div> "My God, we Socialism grandchildren - and we do not have such a group"b>div> Russia Konstantin Semin's Program One Week To 75 ThousandReachedb> p>div> 1900 people were Comment!B> p>div>The review of all commentsthe music, worldview, their posture, there is admiration for the resistance. IbrahimMAG Group as well bitiremezs your comment! You not destroy usit operates we hope that the voice of all the peoples of the world Review GroupWe'll move! p>div> Free Group Reviewb> p>div>I freegrupy p>div> Groups Solidarity Committee Commentsb> p>div>Some of the comments; Part 1: p>div>Сергей Wos to p>div>that triumphant socialism homelandIn our country, that we do...

Poster Work was Made for Turan Aktaş in İzmir

For Turan Aktaş, who disregards the right, law and justice, tortured the workers who sought their rights, and reported to the police that the mayor of the CHP Şişli Muammer Keskin is an enemy of workers, and who resisted by not putting up with the injustice done to him. Poster work was carried out by the Izmir Revolutionary Workers' Movement on August 2 and 3 in Izmir.