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People of the Greek Front Participate in the Solidarity March with Refugees

People's Front of Greece joined the march of solidarity with the refugees organized by the Greek Left organizations on March 20.Refugees who were kept in the European Union camps and in inhumane conditions in Greece, without electricity, without water, in mud, in the rain, living in the snow, are the refugees of imperialism and It is the shame of the European Union. The Greek government, which spends millions of dollars on armaments, says that it applies humane conditions to so-called refugees, but the facts are as clear as daylight. Refugees who lost their lives in the camps due to hunger...

Solidarity Hunger Strikes Continue for Ali Osman Köse All Over the World

Around the world on June 25, in Italy, Greece, USA, UK, Ireland, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland The peoples of the world are on a 1-day Solidarity Hunger Strike to shout Freedom for the cancer-stricken revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse.With the call of the Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Committee, many international revolutionaries and anti-imperialists are barricades against the attacks of fascism on the right to life of sick prisoners, even if it is for one day, with their hunger.From organized Filipinos living in Paris, political prisoners in the USA have never been alone Messages of solidarity continue to come,...

Popular Front of Greece Celebrated Newroz Day

We celebrated Newroz, which improves the awareness of the peoples of the world to seek rights. Together with our Greek friends, we lit the Newroz fire and the Popular Front read it.After the press release, Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber read the poem "Become Newroz" and Newroz was celebrated with dances.< p>

On the 155th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

Group Comment members*Do not print İdil Cultural Center!*Concert Bans Should Be Lifted!*Remove Lists*Prisoner Grup Yorum Members Released!*Let All Lawsuits Be Dropped Against!The indefinite hunger strike they started with their demandsThey are on their 155th day. Let Grup Yorum's demands be accepted immediately! Hunger Strike of Prisoner Grup Yorum MembersDays of Resistance;Helin Bölek 121İbrahim Gökçek 123Baris Yuksel 124Spring Wolf 130Ali Vehicle is on its 54th day iframe>